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Forest Learning

Forest School is about using the outdoor environment to teach children. Regular sessions take place in natural environments, with an emphasis on child-led learning that builds confidence, self esteem and independence through small achievable tasks. 
Forest Learning can be applied to all age groups and abilities, and can be linked to the Australian National Curriculum and Early Years Learning Framework. We are pleased to run Forest Learning Workshops designed for educators working with children aged from 2 to 10 years old.

What Nature Play QLD is all about

Nature Play QLD's mission is to increase the time Queensland kids spend in unstructured play outdoors and in nature. It is founded on the understanding that unstructured play outdoors - nature play - is fundamental to a full and healthy childhood.

Find out more about Nature Play QLD's mission and watch our short intro video.

GROW With Nature Play

GROW with Nature Play is the practical play app featuring heaps of things-to-do, tips, hints, and all sorts of information about how and why playing in nature can benefit your baby.

Designed for children 0 – 3 years old, the important formative years of a child’s life, the app allows parents to plan age appropriate play lists that improve development, health, wellbeing, confidence, curiosity, and family bonds.

Neighbourhood Play

In just one generation, the average Australian childhood has shifted from a largely outdoors, active, independent, social, and community orientated space; to a mostly indoors, sedentary, technologically immersed, highly structured, fearful and risk adverse play space.

This Neighbourhood Nature Play campaign is for parents, carers and communities to address the changing outdoor play habits of our children.

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