Passport to an Amazing Childhood

3 easy steps - it's fun and it's free! 


The Nature Play PassportsNature Play’s Passport to an Amazing Childhood will help your kids and your family to reconnect with nature. Use it to discover, and keep a record of, hundreds of unstructured outdoor play ideas for your children - such as climbing a tree, collecting beach treasures, camping or visiting national parks.  It’s best for kids 12 and under.

Provide your children with a sense of accomplishment and of wonder as they grow, play and learn in nature.  The passport program and online interface celebrates activities they achieve, asks them to reflect on their experiences, and provides them with additional incentives to go outdoors more often.  Plus, it’s fun.

Child's comment:  "We went to Mt Tambourine and we saw scrub turkeys. We snuck up on them and then we chased them for fun. We also sat quietly beside the lake and saw a little turtle and an eel".



Nature Play is FUNdamental to a balanced childhood – it grows children’s health and happiness.  Nature play is proven to significantly improve all aspects of child development – physical, mental, social and emotional, including growth of resilience, self-confidence, learning ability, concentration and creativity.


Child's comment:  "My mum gave me some recycled pots and we planted marigolds lobelia and nasturtium. I water my flowers every day and sing to them too". 

The Passport

Children love using our Nature Play Passports to record their natural outdoor adventures.  Nature Play Passport activities are aimed to build a love of nature by children, their families and communities.

Educators have also been using Nature Play QLD passports for their students, and have been assigning Nature Play missions as homework or in-class projects. 

Order your Nature Play Passport now and check out our mission control to find a series of age-appropriate nature play missions.  

Child's comment:  "Aunty Lara took me on the Blindfold mission today along the foreshore. I heard the waves felt sea weed under my feet and smelt garbage which may have been the sea weed. I could feel cold on my toes from the ocean and felt my Aunty Lara's hand as she guided me along the beach"


We have loads of great outdoor ideas and adventures for your children and family to undertake.  You can access access a growing list of over 350 outdoor activities through our online mission control.  Missions are assigned through the user-friendly Passport To An Amazing Childhood online interface, and then kids leave the computer behind to go and do it. 

Completed missions are celebrated and documented with the physical passports and/or through the online mission control interface.  You can still use the online mission control interface if you don't have a passport yet.  A benefit of the interface is that Children can earn virtual points and prizes for completing outdoor activities, as extra incentive.  

Order your FREE physical Nature Play Passport, register it online and check out our online missions - then, get out and play!

Child's comment:  "I was so brave!! Being brave meant I could be gentle and calm too.. So when a gecko jumped onto my hand and ran up my arm and behind my back I was able to make sure it was OK and not hurt it". 


Step 1:  Obtain a FREE Nature Play QLD Passport: 

order for your family, school or other group here


Next, before you register on the mission control interface, you may want to watch this short video on how to use the Mission Control Interface.  If you are a teacher or leader of a group, watch this short video on how to easily register a group of children.

Step 2:  Register online on the Mission Control Interface: register for a Parent/Guardian passport login here.  

You can jump straight to this step if you want to start today, before you receive your physical passport.  Or, do this after you receive your passport in the mail or if your child brings a passport home.  This will provide you access to the Passport missions.  

Step 3:  Register your child/children and their Passport on the Mission Control Interface.  Register child users here.  

Create a profile for your child by recording a username, and they will be allocated a passport number.  You can then start to allocate missions for each child.  You can choose to protect your child's identity.

Step 4:  Find and allocate missions - 

You and each child should now have an online nature play login and web page. Login to the Nature Play Mission Control Interface to access hundreds of age-appropriate outdoor activities.  The child/children you register for passports will receive suggested missions that are appropriate for their age.  Customise their experience by activating missions they’re willing to undertake, selecting additional missions, or opting out of any missions you don’t feel comfortable with. Once you have clicked ‘make active mission’, you will see the activities listed on the home page and on your child’s online interface.

Step 5:  Complete mission and log - 

Your child goes outside and completes the nature play missions!  Then, completed missions are logged in their passport and online mission control.

Step 6:  Child’s rating - 

Kids can evaluate their experience by rating the mission and commenting on their adventures through the online mission control interface.

Step 7:  Parent’s rating

Completed task is signed-off by a parent through the online mission control interface.  Parents can also leave a rating and comment.

Optional extra step:  Collect points and grow your avatar

Your child will be assigned points from each mission achieved.  With these points, your child has the option creating an online Nature Play avatar.  This online mission control interface can be additional incentive for children to achieve missions. 

Children earn points after completing missions, when confirmed by an adult.  The more missions they complete, the more they can personalise their Nature Play avatar.  Points are used to unlock new avatar accessories – which means that they get to ‘purchase’ decorations for an online cartoon, as a reward.


Child's comment:  "The mission was actually way cooler than I thought it would be I saw loads of stars including the north star and southern cross I really loved watching the moon as well because it seemed to make me quite calm"


View this video for more info on registering your passport and using the online interface. 

This clip was created by Nature Play WA:


How do you use your Passport to An Amazing Childhood?  This is inspiration for how to use with groups, as used by our Nature Play QLD Activity Providers, Mt Barney Lodge.  As seen on Creek to Coast TV (Chanel 7, May 2016)



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