New Program Manager at Nature Play QLD

There has been a changing of the guard at Nature Play QLD.

Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation (QORF), which facilities the Nature Play QLD program, says goodbye to our founding Program Manager Hyahno Moser this week and welcomes Angela Wright to the role.

Angela has been with Nature Play QLD since inception; as a member of QORF’s Management Committee, as a member of the Nature Play QLD Advisory Committee, and as a volunteer working tirelessly in the community to deliver our nature play spaces service.

We are lucky to have Angela's skill set and qualifications in the Program Manager’s role.

Angela has a 30-year background in parks and recreation in local government, and qualifications in Human Services (Child and Family Services) and Community Recreation.

Angela will bring a strong community and partnerships focus to the Program Manager’s role and has been a long-time passionate advocate for improving neighbourhood play.

Nature Play QLD is behind a host of successful programs changing the way that children play, including the Neighbourhood Play Project, the Digital Doorknock App, Outdoor Classroom Day, the Loose Parts Play Pod and Enhancing Outdoor Learning Workshops.

Thank you to the Nature Play QLD community for your support and enthusiasm to provide better play opportunities for Queensland kids.

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