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  • Rock skipping rockers

    You used to do this all the time during the summer, but have your kids ever tried? Show them how it's done. Skip stones in a lake or wide stream. Who can make jump the most times?

    Collect good skipping rocks in advance as you see them. Use light rocks for more effective skipping and less chance of hitting anyone.

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  • Dodging the waves

    At the beach? Race along the seashore edge, dodging the waves as they roll in.

    When you're ready for a break, stand in the sand and let the waves wash over your feet. Watch them sink into the ground!

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  • Campfire

    A nearby state or national park will have fire pits that you can pull your car up to, or better yet, park a small distance away and walk to one. Make and appointment or get a permit and be on your way! Bring the marshmallows, crackers and chocolate with you, but let the kids find the sticks for roasting. Most parks are Leave No Trace so bring a bag to hold your garbage.

    Don't forget the matches at home!

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  • Family ride

    Feeling the wind through your hair is as easy as getting on a bike. Take your whole family. It doesn't have to be far, just right around your neighbourhood or around your local park.

    Make sure your bikes are in good shape. Don't have bikes for everyone? There are a lot of rental and bike share programs. Check online for one near you. Plan a route that stops at an ice cream parlor for an extra treat. Let your kids decide where you should bike! As long as you stay near, your spontaneous trip can be a quest.

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  • Identify plants and trees

    Check a local plant guide out from the library. Take a walk around your garden or a near park. Can you identify the different plants and trees? What other plants and trees do you see near?

    Keep a journal of all the different things that you find. Next time, take a book out from of a faraway place's plant and animals. How are they different? Once your kids know the lay of the land, let them take some friends around and show them what they know.

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  • Sneaky secret agent, mission: bug discovery

    This is your mission if you choose to accept it. Create mini search parties and seek out bugs and insects. Compare relative sizes and shapes - not all bugs are alike! For an extra challenge, try catching one in a jar, but don't forget to let him go once you're done.

    Find some pictures or a chart of bugs online and print it out so your child has a suspect in mind when he begins his search.

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  • Who am I? What am I? 20 Questions!

    Take turns thinking of people, places or even objects and then having the group ask yes or no questions to figure out who or what you are. This is the perfect activity for a hike or even just sitting outside.

    Think of more common/obvious people and places when first playing and with the young'uns.

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  • Become a master grass whistler

    Want to whistle a tune? Your child can make a grass whistle easily with a blade of grass between their thumbs. You place the blade of grass tightly between your thumbs side-to-side. Go ahead and blow through the hole created between your thumbs' knuckles and base.

    Thick blades of grass will really make some noise. Having trouble making the whistle? Ask a neighbour or friend? someone is sure to know the trick! Try out some other whistles. Who can whistle using their fingers?

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  • Star watchers

    On a clear night, you and your kids will have fun watch the night sky. Take a book our from the library and learn the stars and constellations. Greet the moon in all of its phases.

    Take turns having the kids learn a constellation and telling the rest of the family about it. Mark the calendar when you should be able to see the Southern Cross so you can look forward to it as a family.

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  • Where in the world are you dressing up?

    Imagine a very hot or cold place in the world. What kind of plants and animals are there? What would the people wear? Dress up like you are at that place for fun.

    Some ideas: the desert; Antarctica; Africa; the tundra. Or imagine what it would feel like in some of the books or movies your kids enjoy.

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  • What seed do I have?

    Help your child cut open many different fruits to observe the seeds. Give each child one of each kind of seed. Pick one of those seeds. Start to describe it. Ask the children if they can guess which seed you have picked.

    Be careful whenever you're using knives or other sharp objects and working with kids. Look some of the fruits up online to have some extra info to share with the kids.

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  • Nature scavenger hunt

    Make a list of some common things and a few rare ones that can be found outside near your home or in a park. You can includes things like: gum nut, pine cone, flat rock, etc. Pass the list out and give your kids 20 minutes to find as much as they can.

    Your neighbours might enjoy this too. Invite some local kids and parents to join you. Keep everyone together by telling the kids in advance what is out of bounds. Play a few times and have some small prizes or treats.

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