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  • Discover Rock Pools

    How many creatures can you find living in the rock pools?

    (but beware of the blue-ringed octopus in Northern QLD)

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  • Ride the City Cat

    The City Cat is the main Brisbane River Ferry. Ride the City Cat end-to-end; all the way from North shore to St Lucia. How many bridges do you pass under? How many other boats do you see? Look in the Brisbane River do you see any blue jelly fish? Do you see any Mangrove trees along the river banks?

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  • Queen's Park, Brisbane

    Walk through Queen’s Park in Brisbane. How many different sorts of birds can you see? Bring a pen and paper and draw them with friends. There are many buttress root trees. Play hide and seek in their roots.

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  • Make mud cakes

    Time to get dirty! Make mud cakes by yourself or with friends and pretend you are a baker. Watch what happens to the soil once it is mixed with water. Don’t eat them though!

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  • Leaf Boat Competitions

    Why not get your friends together for a leaf boat competition. Find a piece of bark or large leaf that will float on top of the water. Attach a stick and another leaf as the sale. Put them in a creek and see who has the fastest leaf boat.

    Seed pods from African Tulip Trees also work extremely well!

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  • Make fairy nests

    There are so many good materials for building fairy nests near creeks. Dried out grass clippings, flexible twigs and flowers to decorate. Hide them around the creek and check on them when you can. Maybe you were left a fairy gift?

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  • Snorkel

    Learn how to use a snorkel – breathe in and out of your mouth, open your eyes under the water and float across the top. Look hard...what can you see? Can you see other people swimming? Or are there small fish, rocks, sand moving on the bottom? Can you feel a current in the water, moving you?

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  • Stormwater journeys

    Watch water run down the street into a stormwater drain. What is carried in the water? Dirt? Leaves? Rubbish? Can you follow it until it falls into a drain? Where does the water go once it goes into the stormwater drain? Where does it empty? Look up Google Maps and find your nearest stormwater drain and follow it to your nearest waterway, then zoom out and see where your waterway connects to, follow the water until it reaches the ocean.

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  • Exploring rock pools near the beach

    There are so many strange and interesting animals to find in rock pools. If you are patient they will come out of their hiding places for you to observe them. How many different animals can you see? Keep a ‘creatures of the rock pools’ book and write down what you see each visit.

    (but beware the blue-ringed octopus in Northern QLD)

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  • Say good night to the birds

    Birds are loud in the evenings before they go to sleep. They do this so that other birds will know where they are and where their territory is. Go outside and listen to the birds. How many different calls can you hear? Do the calls change when you move to another location?

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  • Autumn Leaf Jewellery

    In autumn there are many different leaves that litter the ground. Collect as many different shaped and coloured leaves as you can find. Why not make some leaf jewellery, a necklace or earrings.

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  • Visit some waterfalls

    There are many beautiful waterfalls in Queensland. Visit one with your parents. Hike through the bush or national park and have a swim in the freshwater rivers and think about where one drop of water starts from the very top of the catchment and makes its way down to the ocean.

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