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  • Fun with worms

    Worms love to munch on kitchen stuff and kids love worms. With a worm bin you can toss in vegetable or fruit cuttings and they'll eat 'em up while your kids watch! All you'll need is a plastic bin and some moist newspaper scraps to get started. You can buy the worms at a local pet store or online.

    Red worms are the standard for this task. Lots of websites have more in depth details on worm bins. To make a great one, do a little research with your little one.

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  • Rock painting master

    Rocks are the perfect blank canvas and become anything from people to animals and beyond. Put them in a basket or a bowl to share with people who visit.

    Some newspaper on the floor or table will help protect against the mess. Glitter really helps to liven this activity up! This is a perfect rainy day activity.

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  • Pine branch paint brush

    Give your son or daughter a pine branch, with pine needles on it, instead of a paint brush. Cardboard makes an excellent canvas when using a pine branch brush. You could use red and green, or blue, for a holiday picture, or whatever colours they wish.

    Try this activity on a rainy day to bring some of the outside in. Lay some newspaper down on the table or floor to keep mess to a minimum, but hey, sometimes it's worth it.

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  • Watch the sunset and sunrise

    Get together with your family and watch the sunset or sunrise. Look at all the different colours that appear. What colour does your child like the most? Where else do you see those colours in life?

    You don't need to plan ahead for this one. Let it be a spontaneous and special moment for you and your child.

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  • Use a prism to catch a rainbow

    Every ray of light has a rainbow captured within it. With a prism you can bring them to life. Just put the prism in the light and watch what it reflects. What colours do you see?

    Ask your kids how many colours make up a rainbow. Help them identify the different stripes.

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  • A stroll in the sand

    Flip off your sandals and pull up your pants. Feel the sand between your toes as you take a relaxed walk on the beach. Few things are as soothing as sand on bare feet and the sound of the outdoors around you.

    A hat and sunglasses will make this stroll even more perfect. Bring a camera and document the things you see along the way.

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  • Tell stories around the campfire

    Everybody has a tale to tell and a campfire is one of the best places to tell it. When you're out camping think of one of your favourite times as a child and tell your children. Have them tell stories about their favorite times with family or outdoors.

    Don't be afraid! Finish the storytelling off with a ghost story around the campfire.

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  • Playing the elephant in the room

    Pretend you're an elephant. What sounds does it make? How does it move? Get everyone involved and be a family of elephants!

    Once you've mastered or had enough of the elephant walk, pick another animal and start over. Or have someone mimic an animal and then everyone else can guess what they are!

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  • Read and hang outside

    There's nothing better than sitting outside with your kids on a cool night. Bring a book along and read aloud under the sky. Just being in the open is relaxing. Make it a tradition and read a chapter every time.

    Grab a blanket and even pillows to make a cozy little spot. Some bug spray will help keep the mozzies away.

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  • Animal sounds guessing game

    Take turns making animal sounds. Add some mystery to it by having your child guess what animal you're mimicking. Then take a turn being the guesser.

    If you're going to be at a park or away from home, bring a list of fun animals for ideas. Don't be afraid to be a kid for this one! You're children will love your participation in this wacky game.

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  • Berry picking

    Some parks nearby may have fruit. Ask and try going apple or berry picking! Sweet or sour they'll tickle your tongues. Bring some home with you and make a pie or fruit salad!

    Look for an official berry or apple farm so you don't accidentally eat anything poisonous. Some places might have hayrides or other activities in season. Make it a group trip and bring along some other families.

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  • Be an animal tracker

    Going on a walk? If you keep your eyes open you can usually find animal tracks. What type of animal do you think came from? How would you have to walk to make tracks that far apart from each other?

    Take a picture or trace the tracks into a notebook and make a collection of all the different ones you see. See a bunch of the same animal tracks? Act like the animal and pretend you live in that environment for some more fun.

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