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  • Where do animals live?

    Look for nests in the trees or in the ground. You'll be amazed at what you can find - birds' nests and more.

    Bring some binoculars when you go looking for birds' nests. You'll be able to see them a lot better. If you spot an animal's home, when you are back at your house, see if you can find out how that animal made their home.

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  • Bug finder challenge

    Some bugs can be pretty sneaky. Try finding some of the harder to spot ones like stick insects or grasshoppers. These interesting guys are known as camouflage bugs.

    Get a bug picture book out from the library to help you identify them. Draw some of the cooler ones so you have keepsakes.

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  • Silent sharing walk

    Take a walk outside with your kids. Suggest they look and listen for interesting things as you walk. Point out and share cool rocks, big trees, scary spiders and more without talking.

    Bring some insect spray in case any make a fuss. Carry a torcch and try the walk at dusk. It's amazing the different things you'll find.

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  • The smallest tree

    Find the smallest tree you can. How old do you think it is? Are there other trees like it near by? Talk about the different ways you can tell how old a tree is.

    It would be fun to look at tree rings on the same walk so keep a look out for any tree trunks that you can point them out at. Feel and compare the bark and leaves on a young tree to an older one of the same family.

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  • Name the clouds

    Name the different kinds of clouds you see and find out how many days they appear each month. Can you find out how and why different types of clouds are formed?

    Draw or paint the clouds one day and imagine them in a whole new way! Take a book out from the library about clouds so you can tell all your friends about them.

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  • Cricket symphony

    If you're at a river or lake there are sure to be crickets. Let the crickets sing you an evening song. Try imitating the noise they make.

    Have some insect spray nearby in case any make a fuss.

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  • Look for shapes in the clouds

    Find a plot of grass and lay down with your child. Look at the different cloud shapes. Do you see anything? What could they be?

    Put some sunscreen on in advance so you can stay our for a while without worries. 

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  • Ant watchers

    There are ants everywhere! Try following them to their home and see what they're up to. Where do they live? How many can you count in one place?

    Drop some a crumb of food nearby and watch them come pick it up and take it away! Warn your children against red ants? definitely not as fun as the black ones!

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  • Dramatic dewy spider webs

    In the morning, look for dew-decorated spider webs. How many can you find? What else is covered in dew?

    Ask your older children what dew is. Go to the library with them or help them look it up online. Good activity for children who have a fear of spiders because it might give them a reason to enjoy them.

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  • I spy five things that fell from the sky

    Look around on the ground near some trees. Can you spot anything that fell from above? Try to find 5 different things, take a good look and figure out what they are.

    Have everyone do the activity independently and then compare notes. Keep a stack of your 5 different things and add a new one from time to time.

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  • Keep a flower tally

    Count the flowers in your garden in the spring once a week for three weeks. Compare your tallies. Your kids will have fun watching the numbers go up as the flowers bloom into Spring.

    If you think you are at the highest tally, take some pictures of the flowers! You can also show your children how to make flower clippings when you're ready to stop counting.

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  • Listen for bird sounds

    Sit or lay down on the ground in your yard or at a park. Can you hear bird sounds? They're happy to sing for you and your kids

    A great activity for your early risers as birds are most vocal in the morning. Older children might enjoy bringing binoculars and trying to find the birds in the trees or identifying which ones make certain calls.

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