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  • What's up with that rock?

    Ever look at a rock really closely? Some have funny shapes and colours. Find an interesting rock and check it out! Does it look like an animal?

    Collect a few rocks and compare the differences. Older kids might enjoy looking up the rocks on the internet. Where do different rocks come from and how do they form? Save the really cool ones and let your kids put them around their vegetable garden or somewhere in the yard.

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  • Stay up and stargaze

    Stay up past your kid's bedtime and take them outside or look out a window to look at the stars. Tell stories or try to identify the stars that you're familiar with.

    Look up one of the astronomical myths for extra story telling power.

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  • Let's go for a walk!

    No need to set any specific destination or plan it out. Just grab your toddler and a stroller or backpack and venture out.

    Bring a hat and of course, some sunscreen for the little one. Meet up with a friend for your mini-trek.

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  • Snuggy explorer

    Even newborns can be outdoors in a snuggy, safe holder from a backpack to a secure seat, to be able to hear sounds, feel the breeze and see the sights.

    Bring a hat and of course, some sunscreen for the little one. Meet up with a friend for your mini-trek.

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  • What's your favourite colour?

    Everyone has a favourite colour. Take your kids on a walk down the street and have them point out things in their favourite colour. You'll probably find more than you expected.

    When you return from your walk, get out some art supplies and recreate what you saw or try drawing something using only the favourite colours.

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  • What's growing in the footpath?

    Take the time to stop and see what's growing in your backyard or between the cracks of the footpath. Are there different types of grasses or weeds? It's amazing how much can grow in such a concrete environment.

    Bring a magnifying glass with you to see really close to the footpath. Compare what you find in the footpath to what you find in your yard or the park.

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  • Rock and roll-y pollies

    Lift up a rock and check out the life underneath. What do you see? Bugs? Worms? Everything in the bush has a purpose. Can you figure out what worms do?

    You can also try lifting up a small branch or tree that has fallen onto the bush floor. Look up some of the worms or insects up on the internet to see if you can identify the ones you saw.

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  • Watch the sunset and sunrise

    Get together with your family and watch the sunset or sunrise. Look at all the different colours that appear. What colour does your child like the most? Where else do you see those colours in life?

    You don't need to plan ahead for this one. Let it be a spontaneous and special moment for you and your child.

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  • Keep a nature journal

    Keep a nature journal with your child with pictures and feelings about what you see on a nature walk you share each week. One day take some photographs and put them inside. The next week use crayons and draw an interesting tree. Maybe include a map from a nearby trail you enjoy.

    Keep mementos from your times outside that you can include in this such as: pretty leaves, maps, grass and more. You can help each of your children make their own so they all have something special.

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  • Have a secret space

    Make friends with one spot in nature for a whole year. See how it changes each month. You can each talk about your spot at the dinner table. Do your spots change at the same pace?

    Give your kids an example by taking time in your own nature space. Mix it up by bringing paper to start a journal or draw what's around you.

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  • Search the rainbow

    Look carefully and you'll find something of virtually every colour out in nature! Give it a try and see what you can find. Take turns picking colours and pointing them out in nature.

    Go ahead and let the little'uns pick green. They'll have fun.

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  • Let's take a hike

    Grab or download a map from a local park or preserve. Pick a trail with the help of your kids. When you have an open Saturday or Sunday, go for a hike!

    Don't be afraid to go for a shorter or longer hike! Do whatever fits your schedule at the time.

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