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  • Let's go fly a kite

    Make your own or pick one of at a local store. Kite flying is a great activity to do in pairs, one adult for each child.

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  • Use a prism to catch a rainbow

    Every ray of light has a rainbow captured within it. With a prism you can bring them to life. Just put the prism in the light and watch what it reflects. What colours do you see?

    Ask your kids how many colours make up a rainbow. Help them identify the different stripes.

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  • Guess what's inside! Nature's mystery bag

    Collect different types of leaves, grass, twigs and foliage that will fit in a sack. Have kids reach their hands inside (without looking!), hold onto something. Older kids will have fun guessing what they're touching.

    Collect the objects for the bag when your kids are occupied doing something else so it's a complete mystery for them.

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  • Make a leaf collage

    Leaves can make beautiful art. Try making a collage with leaves. Lay out some cardstock or large paper and grab some glue. You can recreate some trees, your backyard, or just make anything you can imagine!

    Give everything a nice sheen by adding a varnish at the end. You can make collages for every season and put them together as an interesting art piece.

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  • Rain whispering

    Next time it rains a lot, listen and look at the rain. What do you notice? Can you hear it on the roof? Can you see or hear the water running through the gutters and drains at your house? Go outside and get your hair wet by the rain. What happens when the rain hits the ground? What does that look and sound like? If there is lots of rain, look where the water flows and float a leaf in the water. Follow the water as it flows away....down, down.

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  • Beach Collection

    Head to the closest beach, creek or other waterway and pick up any rubbish you find. Perhaps you’ll find bottle tops, straws, empty plastic bottles and old food wrappers. Use this rubbish to make a piece of art. You can use the litter in a collage, make a sculpture, take creative photos, weave it – it all depends on what you find.

    Bring a bag with you for the rubbish and a camera to document your artwork.

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  • Creek Investigator

    Collect a bucket of water from a creek or dam or lake. Look carefully at the water – what do you see? Are there bugs with long legs? Or perhaps a tadpole or bits of plants that grow in the water? What colour is the water?

    Use a magnifying glass to get a closer look

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  • Waterway Bikeride

    Ride a bike beside a creek – lots of bike paths follow creeks. Can you ride all the way until the creek meets a river or bay?

    QLD has lots of bike paths next to its creeks, rivers and waterways.

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  • Explore the creek

    Rock hop across a small creek. Drop a rock into the creek – what do you hear? Can you make a splash?

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  • Skimming Stone Championship

    Find a nice flat round stone and a lake or pond with a calm, smooth surface. Have a competition to see who can skim rocks the furthest, make to most skims or the most creative skim sequence.

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  • Listen to the Seashells

    Find a cone shaped seashell. Put the opening of the seashell to your ear, what can you hear? Bring the seashell home and have the sound of the ocean with you always.

    Check it's empty first!

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  • Driftwood/Beach Art

    Walk along the seashore and collect driftwood, seashells, seaweed and any other and use them to create your own masterpiece on the beach.

    Take a camera and document your work

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