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Editorial in The Courier Mail (print), 15 December 2016, page 36

Boy Sets Good Digital Example

There has never been anything easy about parenting and there is certainly nothing easy about it in the digital age.  

Children often know more than parents about technology. It makes it hard to know what they are doing, with whom they are doing it and whether they are safe.  The same social media that delivers safety concerns can also deliver severe criticism about household choices and methods.

We know, as a society, we all need more exercise and more time outdoors.  We know through any number of studies that we do not get enough sleep, largely because of screen use.

For an 11-year-old to self-declare himself a screen addict and go into 'digital detox' is impressive.  It is also a paradoxial sign of the times that Bribane boy Hunter Barrett then decided to record his experience on social media.

It is an example of how, with thoughtful self-awareness, all this technology, which can cause so much stress, is also a great gain for social benefit while in the right hands.

Hunter's project is also a good sign that the world could be in excellend hands with his generation.

Progress is great.  Thoughtful progress is even better.  Hunter provides us with an example of how we can reshape ourselves and our habits for the greater good.


Editorial in The Courier Mail (online) by Shae McDonald, 15 December 2016

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