Mike Lanza wants to give neighbourhoods back to children

Mike Lanza thinks children need more unsupervised outdoor play if they're to become independent adults.

Image: Mike Lanza (ABC Local)


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Mike wants us to give children the trust and freedom to roam far and wide.

But he says first we have to make out in their neighbourhood a place kids want to be. And give them the tools to be independent.

When he was growing up, Mike and his friends played hockey in the road, shared backyards and spent whole days outdoors, out of sight of their parents.

They were the last generation of children allowed to roam freely.

After years spent developing software in Silicon Valley, Mike turned his energies to his three young sons, and developing his neighbourhood as a place for play.

Since publishing his manual, Playbourhood, he has been a Children's Play advocate in the US and overseas.

Mike is the keynote speaker at the inaugural Nature Play Queensland conference on Friday 26 June.



Source:  ABC 612

Published:  25 June 2015


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