The risky business of outdoor play


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Do you encourage your children to play outside?

How important is outdoor play to a child’s development?

Many parents are reluctant to encourage their kids to play in the great outdoors, but does the rough and tumble of the playground help to foster confident and resilient children?

Kelly Higgins-Devine’s guests will be addressing these issues at the Kids Outdoors 2030 Conference which commences on the Gold Coast this week.



Dr Rachael Sharman, University of the Sunshine Coast psychology lecturer and researcher, specialising in child and adolescent development;

Dr Judith Locke, clinical psychologist and former teacher. Dr Locke works with parents in schools to help build resilient children; 

Norm Hunter, founding Principal of Hillbrook Anglican School(where he worked for 21 years). Mr Hunter now works as an educational consultant with Thinkit Through.


Source:  ABC 612

Date:  25 June 2015


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