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Plant the seeds for play

by Nature Play QLD

Perhaps your children already spend a lot of time in your back - or front yard, or perhaps you’d like to encourage them into more outdoor play. Either way, think about how plants, trees and loose parts can provide great opportunities for imaginary and other play outside. Read more…

A new ‘Neighbourhood Play Story’ is unfolding in neighbourhoods.

by Hyahno Moser

The current neighbourhood story points towards a complete erosion of many children’s independent mobility in and around their neighbourhoods. Upon reflection, for the children in this study, neighbourhood play has seemingly disapeared from childhood. Our explorations found that a significant number of Queensland children are completely impeded or highly challenged in their ability to connect and play with local friends. Therefore, a significant number of Queensland children have their physical and social activity reduced, increasing their risk of being or becoming physically and/or mentally unhealthy. Read more…

Childhood Pulsing Through the Neighbourhood

by Hyahno Moser

According to Murdoch institute, children are sitting for 11 to 12 hours per day and are active for 32 minutes per day. If this is the case, what environments are influencing their identity? What will be important to these young people? How will they view themselves? Read more…

Outdoor Classroom Day Case Study: Camp Hill OSHC

by Nature Play QLD

Camp Hill OSHC is a reasonably large service catering for 195 children in both the morning and afternoon. We focus largely on outdoor loose parts play facilitated and supervised with a playwork approach. Read more…

Outdoor Classroom Day Case Study: Clearview Early Learning and Kindergarten

by Nature Play QLD

Outdoor Classroom Day is an opportunity for children to learn in nature using natural resources to enhance their learning. We support OCDay as nature play and learning are embedded in our service and the philosophy that underlines our curriculum. Read more…

How Outdoor Play Can Improve Children’s Sleep

by Richard Scott

Outdoor activities are a great way to keep your kids busy. But did you know they can also impact the quality of sleep? Because of the rise of gadgets, more and more children around the world are becoming sleep-deprived. But outdoor play could be a healthy way to improve this situation and help your kid get some rejuvenating shut-eye. Keep reading to learn how active play outside will help your child sleep better, and find out what you can do to maximise the effect. Read more…

The Benefits of Mud Play - An Occupational Therapist's Perspective

by Nicole Grant, Occupational Therapist at Gateway Therapies

Mud play is great for healthy development of the sensory system, for promoting imagination and creativity, to improve fine motor skills (such as in-hand manipulation and bilateral coordination) and social skills. It’s an inexpensive, fun play experience. Read on for a few tips on making mud play more accessible for families. Read more…

Get involved in Outdoor Classroom Day and make this year bigger and better!

by Nature Play QLD

Think about the last time you saw a child grinning wildly, bursting with excitement and eager to explore. Chances are they were outside in the playground at break time, not sitting in class trying to grasp a new mathematical concept. But what if you could harness the same energy for both? Read more…

Five Realms of Joy at Mackay’s Mud World

by Nature Play QLD

Like mud between the toes, joy oozed from the faces of all the mudlings and mudults (big mudlings) frolicking in the mud at Mud World Mackay, on May 25th & 26th 2019. Read more…

Reflections on the 2019 Childhood Summit

by Nature Play QLD

Over the three days there were many insightful keynote addresses, engaging thought-leader forums, inspiring best practice tours, practical workshops and walk shops, a lively hot button discussion and a vital symposium on play policy. Read more…

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