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Introducing Our Nature Play Space Workshop Leader

by Nature Play QLD

Angela Wright has 28 years experience working in local government, and is well versed in advocating and planning for outdoor recreation places, spaces, programs and services. Angela works alongside a specialist in Landscape Architecture to deliver our Nature Play Spaces Workshops, which help you to transform your outdoor space into an impressive, stimulating and inspiring nature play space for children. Read more…

How to make a Fairy Garden

by Ngaire Trigg

What fun we have had getting creative and welcoming fairies into our life. The imagination of a 2 year old is certainly blossoming and with a little help from yours truly, we have created several fairy gardens much to the delight of both our little girl and friend's children. This blog includes simple tips on how to create your own fairy garden, be it at home, at a local park, or whilst on a camping trip. Read more…

Learning in the Outdoor Classroom

by Ina Güdelhöfer

Ina Güdelhöfer has been studying her Masters into outdoor learning and special educational needs in Germany and Sweden, and talks about the benefits of outdoor education, as well as some great ways parents and teachers can encourage and support this. Read more…

Bush Kindy at Calvary Christian College Springwood Pre-Prep Program

by Tracey Schmidt, Mary Prickett and Dani McClune (Calvary Christian College Springwood Pre-Prep Program)

In the last week of July the children from the Calvary Christian College Springwood Pre-Prep Program (affectionately known as the Noah Centre), engaged in the centre’s first ever “Bush Kindy”. Inspired by speakers from Nature Play Queensland and QECSN, staff researched the concept and dreamed of a way to make Bush Kindy a reality for the children at their Kindy. Read more…

Flora and fauna abound at Brisbane’s Walkabout Creek

by Brisbane Kids

Set in Brisbane’s 36400 ha D’Aguilar National Park, Walkabout Creek gives you the chance to see native animals up close at the wildlife centre, or if you’re lucky enough, spot one in their natural habitat. It’s nature play at its very best! Read more…

“Going green” – Life hacks!

by The Natura Education Team

Kermit the Frog said “It's not easy being green” so to help you tread more lightly on the planet, here are some simple “going green” life hacks Read more…

Nature Play Passports: Perfect Practical Play Tool

by Hyahno Moser, Program Manager for Nature Play QLD

The ongoing incredible success of the free Nature Play QLD Passport to an Amazing Childhood program shows that children can be encouraged to disengage from screens and rediscover the magic of playing outdoors, given the right tools. Read more…

Good Old Fashioned Play

by Sally Armitage, Business Development Manager & Madeline Avci, Program Development Manager, Barefoot Nature Play

At a recent Barefoot Break, we heard both parents and teachers comment on how wonderful it is to see the children ‘playing the good old fashioned way.’ When we refer to play as old fashioned though, it infers that play is no longer in vogue, something that was favoured or prevalent in former times. Yet given the opportunity, children of the twenty first century do play. What then has gone out of vogue, what is it that was more prevalent in former times? What has modern society lost that is leading to the gradual extinction of play? Read more…

In Pete’s Dragon, wonder is lost and found

by Ella Donald

Ella Donald reviews the recently released 'Disney's Pete's Dragon', stating that 'David Lowery’s new film is wistful, wonderfully moving, and one of the best films of the year'. Read more…

Don't be afraid of the great outdoors - Embracing our extraordinary outdoor world without fear and uncertainly

by Ngaire Trigg

Ngaire tackles the overwhelming feeling parents have, when they believe they can't do the outdoor activities they used to enjoy now they have young children. Read on for great tips and advice on how to turn these so called "barriers" into opportunities to learn and grow. Read more…

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