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How the 30 Day NATURE PLAY CHALLENGE will help your child’s BRAIN!

by Hyahno Moser, Program Manager for Nature Play QLD

Taking the 30 Day Nature Play Challenge will not only be SUPER FUN for families these school holidays, giving your kids a #Summer2Remember, but it is going to build incredibly strong and positive ‘outdoor play files’ in their brains. Read more…

Creating Wildhood Memories

by Journey Outdoors in Nature

Reignite the magic of nature play, with these top 10 tips from Nature Play QLD Activity Provider Journey Outdoors in Nature. Fostering the joys of nature play in your family... rain, hail or shine! Read more…

Summer 2 Remember- The 30 Day Nature Play Challenge

by Nature Play QLD

30 day challenges are hugely popular because they are a great way to change unhealthy habits. Many experts believe that it takes just 21 days to replace unhealthy behaviours and habits with new ones, which is why we encourage your family to join our inaugural 30 Day Nature Play Challenge to give you and your kids a #Summer2Remember. Read more…

In the Grow Biosphere; The Story of Grow Forest School

by Alijah Brod, Grow Biosphere

Grow is an official Nature Play QLD Activity Provider. The story of ‘Grow’ begins with native land, indigenous dreaming and a children’s food garden. It unfolds an unusual chain of events, though wonderfully synchronised, that eventuated in the creation of a forest school on the Sunshine Coast. Read more…

The Leading Edge of Nature Play: Reflections on Nature Play QLD’s 2.5 years

by Hyahno Moser, Program Manager for Nature Play QLD

Unstructured outdoor play in childhood, whilst on the decline, is still possible, and the benefits of achieving this are vast. Hyahno Moser looks at the obstacles, and how to overcome them. Read more…

Changing Outdoor Play from Broccoli to Ice-Cream

by Hyahno Moser, Program Manager for Nature Play QLD

If you give children the choice between ice-cream and dinner which one will they choose? Similarly for the modern child, if you give them the choice between screen-use and outdoor play which would they choose, and what are the short and long term health effects of that choice? Read more…

The Making of Australia’s Own Forest School Leader Tribe

by Anya Perkins, Community Engagement and Resource Coordinator, Nature Play QLD

Since the 5 training days, I have been thrilled to witness the ongoing support, collaboration and team spirit amongst the ‘Forest School Tribe’. I cannot wait to visit all the services of these inspiring educators over the next 6 months, to offer further support, observe and see the magic in action! Read more…

Introducing Our Nature Play Space Workshop Leader

by Nature Play QLD

Angela Wright has 28 years experience working in local government, and is well versed in advocating and planning for outdoor recreation places, spaces, programs and services. Angela works alongside a specialist in Landscape Architecture to deliver our Nature Play Spaces Workshops, which help you to transform your outdoor space into an impressive, stimulating and inspiring nature play space for children. Read more…

How to make a Fairy Garden

by Ngaire Trigg

What fun we have had getting creative and welcoming fairies into our life. The imagination of a 2 year old is certainly blossoming and with a little help from yours truly, we have created several fairy gardens much to the delight of both our little girl and friend's children. This blog includes simple tips on how to create your own fairy garden, be it at home, at a local park, or whilst on a camping trip. Read more…

Learning in the Outdoor Classroom

by Ina Güdelhöfer

Ina Güdelhöfer has been studying her Masters into outdoor learning and special educational needs in Germany and Sweden, and talks about the benefits of outdoor education, as well as some great ways parents and teachers can encourage and support this. Read more…

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