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51 Things To Do Before You're 12 CHALLENGE.

by Nature Play QLD

Share your stories of undertaking nature play missions to WIN kayaking and adventure packs worth over $480! Read more…

An Un-Natural Shift in One Generation

by Nature Play QLD

by Nigel Coates, Sparky Doo Dah, Gold Coast. I'd catch the bus home from school, east a piece of toast, and run back out the front door with Mum yelling from the inside, 'Be back home when the street lights come on!". That was the way of the world. Each and every day there were hours of unsupervised and unstructured play... Read more…


by Nature Play QLD

As long term residents of West End, Angela and Kathy have seen many changes in West End and its surrounding suburbs. Two years ago, their son Dexter was born. With his birth, they also started to see West End through different eyes - the eyes of inner city parents.... With the gradual expansion of the CBD into the peninsula, we wondered if this was even possible in West End. Could we really "have it all"? Could we enjoy the vibrancy, diversity and convenience of this wonderful pocket of Brisbane that we have called home for so many years and raise a family in a way that was important to us?... Read more…

10 Great MUDDY MOMENTS with Nature Play QLD

by Hyahno Moser

Since launching Nature Play to the families of Queensland 8 months ago, we have captured some amazing muddy moments at events run across Queensland. Below is a selection of magical messy memories, which Nature Play QLD has been proud to be a part of. Read more…

Nature Exploration at the Playground

by Renee Gusa

Like most kids, nothing gets my two running to the car doors faster then ‘do you think we should go to the playground this afternoon?’. Some would say that I’m missing the point of nature play, however ironically I’ve discovered my children spend more time exploring the spaces AROUND the playground then activity using the supplied equipment. Read more…

The Nature Play Bank: G20 Summit Reflections

by Hyahno Moser

This weekend Brisbane hosts the G20 summit, where the leaders of the top 20 global economies come together to discuss a range of world economic issues. What does investing in our children actually mean for the future economy? Read more…

Bulldozer parents: creating psychologically fragile children

by Dr. Rachael Sharman

One thing that has fallen off the radar of modern parents is the importance of offering genuinely challenging tasks that give the child the opportunity to fail. That’s right, fail! Because in the face of failure children will need to develop some effective coping strategies to deal with their emotions; they will then need to figure out what they did wrong; and finally, adapt their approach and try again in a different way Read more…

Nature Walk for Children: Unusual Nature Finds on the Walk Home from School

by Renee Nugent

Walking my children home from school twice a week (I’m a working Mum) is one of my highlights. Read more…

How to Grow a Successful Human: How Experience Hardwires the Developing Brain.

by Dr. Rachael Sharman

Every parent wants their offspring to grow into a strong, successful human being. How is this best achieved? When we analyse the traits of successful individuals, a number of factors stand out: Read more…

What Pot or Container is Right for Me?

by Renee Nugent

Trade secret 1: Pot size is really important for gardening success. The larger the pot, the less likely your plants are going to die because you forgot to water them, we all live busy lives – it happens. So as a rule keep this in mind: Big pot equals better water retention. Ideal starting pot size at least: 35cmW x 30cmH. Read more…

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