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Incorporating Literacy Into Outdoor Play Is Easier Than You Might Think

by Jenny Holt

One of the most readily available yet underutilised resources of parents today is the great outdoors, with many kids in Australia spending more time playing with electronic gadgets than out in nature. Given the convenience of online activity, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, yet now more than ever, teachers and parents are acknowledging the benefits of outdoor play, not just for physical development and social and emotional learning, but also for classroom achievement. Read more…


by Nicki Farrell, Wildlings Forest School

When we first moved into our new house two years ago, I told myself I would go and meet all the neighbours as soon as possible. Over the course of a week or so, we were fortunate in that we either bumped into neighbours who were walking their dogs - or we had really kind neighbours come over and introduce themselves. It was a really, warm welcome to the neighbourhood that made us feel at home and so happy to have moved here. There were a couple of people on our cul-de-sac who I didn’t meet in that first month and I told myself I would go and knock on their door and introduce myself ‘one day’. Read more…

Toddler Learning through Nature Play

by Maria Holt (A Teacher Mummy)

Learning is not something limited to the confines of a classroom nor is it something that only occurs with paper & pen. My little man has only just turned two years old, but I know he has been exposed to many rich and varied learning experiences through having spent quality time outside in nature playing. Read more…

Piecing Together Play - How loose parts play builds new worlds for children

by Caitlin Murphy, Wearthy

It’s not pretty. Loose parts play can look like the Tupperware cupboard and recycling bin had a wrestling match, and everyone lost. Everyone except the child contentedly playing in the delightful mess, she started it. Loose parts play is the type of chaos that children are drawn to and our role is to support it, the best way we can. Read more…


by Jennifer McCormack, Birdwings Nature

What happens when we allow children to manage their own risk, how can nature play allow this risk management, and what can adults do to help facilitate this process? Official Nature Play Activity Provider Birdwings, run a nature immersion program, and here they share with us their experiences on risk taking in early childhood, and what it really looks like. Read more…

7 Health Benefits of Kids Playing Outside (That Every Parent Should Know!)

by Alvina Emmy,

From developing excellent social skills to making your kids strong and healthy- here are seven health benefits your children can receive from playing outside. Read more…

3 BIG Lessons Learnt from The Neighbourhood Play Project. Where are all the kids?

by Hyahno Moser, Program Manager for Nature Play QLD

It’s no secret that the slow creep of a sedentary childhood and the increase in screen use has parents and experts across the globe alarmed. Childhood has changed - and not for the better. Nature Play QLD Program Manager Hyahno Moser shares his experience with changing childhood, and what motivated him to begin The Neighbourhood Play Project. Read more…

Connecting Kids to Country

by Ngaire Trigg

One mother tells of her experiences connecting with country, and how spending time with the traditional owners of the land enable both her and her children to open their eyes to so much more. Read more…

Unstructured Play: Essential not Optional

by Neve Spicer,

How important is the role of self-directed play in childhood development? Put simply: it's fundamental, and this blog includes 43 benefits backed by science that support our children's need for free play. Read more…

7 Ideas on How to Use Crystals for Imaginative Play

by Pete Alman

Crystals - or even painted rocks from your own backyard - can be all that's required to spark imaginative play in your children. Here are seven games your children could try that will do just that! Read more…

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