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How to Grow a Successful Human: How Experience Hardwires the Developing Brain.

by Dr. Rachael Sharman

Every parent wants their offspring to grow into a strong, successful human being. How is this best achieved? When we analyse the traits of successful individuals, a number of factors stand out: Read more…

What Pot or Container is Right for Me?

by Renee Nugent

Trade secret 1: Pot size is really important for gardening success. The larger the pot, the less likely your plants are going to die because you forgot to water them, we all live busy lives – it happens. So as a rule keep this in mind: Big pot equals better water retention. Ideal starting pot size at least: 35cmW x 30cmH. Read more…

The impacts of ripping up the playground rulebook

by Hyahno Moser

Given recent news around school rules and the impacts on children’s play, I thought it timely to share this unique article based around a school who banned school rules and share some of my thoughts on this issue. The article centres on a school in New Zealand, Swanson Primary School, who bravely ripped up the playground rulebook. The effects were not at all what you would expect, and included a reduction in bullying, playground injuries and an increase in classroom concentration. Read more…

Are the best parts of childhood achievable for your kids?

by Hyahno Moser

It’s early Saturday morning and the cold winter wind burns my nose and makes my eyes water as I struggle to keep up with the older boys on my smaller and vastly inferior push bike. My little legs are going at full speed, heart racing, lungs labouring, and I can see my breath as I puff like a steam train. It’s 1982, I am seven. Read more…

The tree

by Ngaire Stirling

Don’t look to be defensive, or feel guilty. This is not about what you don’t do as a parent but rather what you can do. Nature Play is about childhood joy, expansion, growth and life. I would challenge you though… to see if either sport or technology can provide what a tree can. For FREE. Everyday. Always. Read more…

Today our playgrounds and play spaces are so controlled that it’s not just the risk we have removed for our children

by Hyahno Moser

For our children it is beyond the boundaries of our back door where the many possibilities for imaginative play begin.  But for how long will that space be enough for our children? At… Read more…

The modern family balancing act

by Hyahno Moser

Increasing Green Time vs Screen Time After a 10 year career creating and managing outdoor recreation programs for children, I have a new role as the Program Manager for Nature Play QLD, a powerful… Read more…

Ministerial Announcement in Parliament

by Qld Government

MINISTERIAL STATEMENTS Nature Play Queensland — Hon. SL DICKSON (Buderim—LNP) (Minister for National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing) (2.26 pm): The Newman government is focusing on… Read more…

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