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Connecting Kids to Country

by Ngaire Trigg

One mother tells of her experiences connecting with country, and how spending time with the traditional owners of the land enable both her and her children to open their eyes to so much more. Read more…

Unstructured Play: Essential not Optional

by Neve Spicer,

How important is the role of self-directed play in childhood development? Put simply: it's fundamental, and this blog includes 43 benefits backed by science that support our children's need for free play. Read more…

7 Ideas on How to Use Crystals for Imaginative Play

by Pete Alman

Crystals - or even painted rocks from your own backyard - can be all that's required to spark imaginative play in your children. Here are seven games your children could try that will do just that! Read more…

From Screen to Stream: How to Weave Technology into Your Child's Outdoor Life

by Jenny Holt

One Nature Play QLD supporter flips the facts of increased screen time on their head, by suggesting ways parents can combine green time and screen time to their children's advantage. Read more…

A New Frontier – Neighbourhood Nature Play

by Ngaire Trigg, Townsville

A report from the front lines of a Neighbourhood Play Day. Sharing the ups and downs of trying to connect families within a small suburban neighbourhood. Read more…

Is your child the next Childhood Summit ambassador?

by Nature Play QLD

In order to deliver an authentic and successful Childhood Summit 2019, we need to understand what our children are thinking, which is why we're asking your child or student to speak up! They might even be our Childhood Summit Ambassador, and get to take home some pretty cool prizes! Read more…

Rise of Virtual Neighbourhoods

by Hyahno Moser, Nature Play QLD Program Manager

This blog paints a picture of our modern world, and encourages us to think about how 'neighbourhoods' are evolving, and how children are finding their own ways to connect. Read more…

Face Down in the Cool Grass!

by Dan Bradley, Redlands District Special School, Thornlands

Outdoor Classroom Day is a joy in a school like ours. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful trees and share our campus with local wildlife like possums, bearded dragons, koalas, ducks and magpies! Redlands District Special School is the only specialist school for... Read more…

Part of the Puzzle, Part of the Solution: The Heart of The Childhood Summit

by Hyahno Moser, Nature Play QLD Program Manager

Nature Play QLD's Program Manager unpacks the puzzle of a healthy childhood and explores how the Childhood Summit will bring the pieces together, help them find their place in the solution and keep children’s development at the heart of the matter. Read more…

The real joys of Halloween

by Miranda Mason, Nature Play QLD

One of the Nature Play QLD staff talks about how Halloween has evolved in her neighbourhood, and how this has helped spark creativity in her kids, and a connection in her community. And that's worth celebrating! Read more…

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