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Permission to Ponder

by Ngaire Trigg

One mother's philosophical ramblings on the benefits of self-directed outdoor play and the benefits of encouraging creative story telling in young children. Read more…

Keep Your Children Safe... But Let Them Run Free!

by Jenny Holt

One of the biggest challenges that parents face is to let our children make their own discoveries, without holding them back. This can be very difficult when we are so aware of the dangers that the world has. This short blog offers a few very simple tips for tackling this issue, whilst having some fun in the process. Read more…

Who Put The Clay People There?

by Sara Barbagallo, Teacher & Director at Ingham Community Kindergarten and Preschool

After attending one of our Nature Play QLD Personalised Workshops for educators, Sara Barbagallo "walked away inspired and motivated". Here she shares the story of how the children in her centre reacted to the clay people they found in the garden on Monday morning (kindly left behind from our site specific workshop), and how this inspired the teachers to extend this experience by making their very own clay 'creatures'. Read more…

Planning ahead for Spontaneous Play

by Ngaire Trigg

Let's plan to be more spontaneous and embrace everyday adventures any day of the week. This blog talks about the common hurdles we all face in getting our kids outdoors and ways we can think and plan differently to make outdoor play more accessible and appealing. Read more…

What a little time can do!

by Tracey Mayhew, Natura Education ELC Co-ordinator

A blog about time, and how a little time - especially in nature - can allow children to achieve some pretty amazing things. Read on to find out more... Read more…

Introducing the Arrow Head Gang

by Hyahno Moser, Program Manager for Nature Play QLD

Hyahno talks about childhood gangs, their importance, and why he's delighted his children have formed one. Read more…

Nature Play at Kindy

by Alison Pechey, Kenmore District Kindergarten

A beautiful blog by Kenmore District Kindergarten, showing that a nature play inspired community kindergarten like theirs, doesn't need to be out of reach. Read more…

Our Future lies in our Pint-sized Power Rangers - A journey to Emerald Creek Falls

by Adventure Mumma (Kate Richards)

One popular Queensland travel blogger (who's also a mum!) talks about a recent family day trip she had to Emerald Creek Falls, how she made a real environmental difference whilst there, and a very special little nine year old girl she met who she later described as a "full blown superhero mingling among us adults". Read more…

Life Means Living A Constant Adventure

by Virginija Meilune, Nature Play QLD

Virginija Meilune is the Marketing Coordinator at Nature Play QLD. She was born and has spent most of her life in Lithuania, moving to Australia only three years ago. This is her letter to you. Read more…


by Hyahno Moser

Playing in the mud is not only fun, it’s good for kids too! I have been researching mud play, and have uncovered some surprising facts behind this magical material, as well as some amazing and interesting statistics related to why our kids need to get their hands dirty. Read more…

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