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Children’s Barriers to Nature Play Turn Within- How is the Nature Play QLD Mission Going?

by State of Nature Play Report - Program Manager, Hyahno Moser

Nature Play QLD Program Manager Hyahno Moser reflects on how far we've come in our first three years, and where we're heading next. Interest, engagement and feedback continue to flood in from so many areas of the community, and the Nature Play QLD team remains full of purpose, pride, humility and resolve as we continue to champion our mission to renormalise free outdoor play for Queensland children. Read more…

Dinosaurs, Bears and Gruffalos: Turning ordinary outings into extraordinary adventures.

by Ngaire Trigg

This blog touches on a very easy method of utilising much loved and well read children’s stories to help connect children to any outdoor space – no misty idyllic mountain tops or picturesque forestry lane required. Read more…

WildChild Gardens

by Tamsin Scott, Earth Play

One landscape architect reflects on the fond nature play memories of her childhood and tells how she recreated this in a suburban Brisbane backyard for her own children... and how she'd do this differently next time round. Read more…

Nature Spaces Support Child-Led Programs

by Rebecca Burch, Nature Explorers

A truly inspiring child-led educational program that empowers the child’s voice, by allowing them the freedoms to initiate their own ideas and resource their own learning. Read more…

15 Benefits of Going Out and Engaging with Nature for Kids


Why engaging with nature is beneficial to kids, and why little ones need to frequently go out and spend time amidst nature for their optimal development. Read more…

Go Tribal this Spring School Holidays with Tribal Elements Holiday Program

by Alijah Brod, Grow Forest School

Experience Tribal Elements Holiday Program at Grow Forest School Noosa Valley and Support their 'Water for our Forest School Farm' at the same time! Read more…

Country Kids Family Daycare Creates Magic this Outdoor Classroom Day QLD

by Georgina Zadelj, Country Kids Childcare (Eubenangee, Cassowary Coast Region QLD)

"One child closed his eyes and held the tree like he was listening to its heart beating, another felt the moss ever so gently remembering to respect living things and the no picking, no licking rule." One family daycare mum shares her story of what was a truly magical day. Read more…

Tugulawa Utilise Outdoor Classroom Day QLD to Achieve Even More!

by Karen Broomfield & Lauren Alexander, Tugulawa Early Education

One Brisbane based early education centre use Outdoor Classroom Day QLD as an opportunity to take their commitment to nature play and outdoor learning even further! Read more…

Broadbeach Kindergarten's Ocean Warrior Program

by Kathryne Powell, Broadbeach Kindergarten

Broadbeach Kindergarten have tackled the 'bubble wrapping' of children by developing 'The Ocean Warrior Program', which gives their children so much more than just access to their local beaches! They gain a feeling of freedom, an ability to manange risk, and a stronger sense of identity... and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Read more…

Draw Inspiration From the Fun Outdoors to Teach Mundane Indoor Routines to Your Kids

by Jenny Holt

While Australia’s Nature Play is all about encouraging outdoor fun, we also understand the importance of adding fun to seemingly mundane indoor activities that many children find undesirable or simply put, boring. So why not bring the outdoors indoors, and make brushing teeth and other boring tasks, as fun as the best outdoor game? Here are just a few tips on how to spruce up your kids’ daily mundane routine. Read more…

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