Family Day Care Cairns

Family Day Care Cairns provide quality professional child care and education for babies to school leavers in collaborative partnership with families and the community. Through a balance of natural and constructed resources and environments children are involved and connected to their world. Their Forest School programs are the perfect environment for rich learning through play and recreation.  

Address: Edge Hill, Cairns


Case Study

Forest School - In My Family Day Care

Benefits of Forest Learning

We have seen children bloom in confidence and followers become leaders.

We utilize a creek in our Forest Learning activities.  The creek is a wonderful conversation starter – we cover what we see, hear, smell, touch, how high the water is compared to last time we visited, and the clarity of the water. We have one little fellow who would often shy away from others and hide behind the Educator and needed a lot of support in other environments. Here, he is very chatty and he takes our hand to show us things that he is interested in and he verbalises in small phrases.

As a result of Forest Learning activities, his confidence has soared and we now see major improvements in his communication skills in other environments. In the afternoon, he tells his mum all about what he has done at Forest School and who was there. The change is really significant and the family have been very supportive and enthusiastic about the changes in the little fellow.

Children have learned many new skills and life skills too, children assessing risk, thriving in an environment where we believe that all children CAN allowing them to utilise real tools in real environments that are relative to their home lives and family cultures.

What The Parents Think

Parents LOVE Forest school they totally value the experiences that are being offered to their children and are confident in allowing their children to participate commenting that there should be more of this kind of open ended natural learning and really getting behind our service and supporting the direction we want to take the children’s learning experiences.

Forest school has encouraged more interaction with families with families wanting to participate and know more about forest school and how they could even be involved.

Forest school has resulted in families and even extended families wanting to contribute and participate and really value outcomes and what their children do whilst in care.  Forest school has opened many doors and opportunities to extend family relationships beyond belief.

Other Benefits to Family Day Care

Incorporating Forest Learning has significantly helped us improve our public profile and our Facebook page gets lots of likes. 

Members of the community regularly come along and ask what we are up to.  When we tell them, they are often surprised and then usually make a comments such as this should happen more in kids lives.

Forest school offers something for every single child, engaging them in learning opportunities in many different levels incorporating early literacy and numeracy and teaching life skills in an inclusive environment.

Above: A picture one of the kids made after a session. It says "I love forest school".

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