Timber Tots Child Care

 As a family operated and privately owned childcare centre, we’re committed to providing children with fun filled, educational experiences of the highest standards. We believe that a safe, caring and friendly environment is essential for them to learn and grow.

Thanks to our unique combination of natural settings, larger than regulated play spaces, stimulating play-based programs and qualified and nurturing educators, your child’s thinking and learning is enhanced, extended and challenged.

Children are be encouraged to learn through play-based programs based on the Early Years Learning Framework taught by our team of experienced and qualified educators.

Location: 36 Bennetts Road, Camp Hill QLD 4152

Website: https://timbertotschildcare.com.au/

Education Beyond the Fence

Timber Tots Child Care is a privately owned Centre in Camp Hill Brisbane, purposefully built to cater for 125 children ranging from 0‐5 year olds.

The site was specifically chosen due to its unique location within the inner city, whilst being surrounding by natural environment.

Timber Tots backs onto Webley Park, providing not only large open areas of grass and trees but also providing direct access to the netball courts, the local creek, dog park, children’s playground. We are also only a short walking distance to Bowies Flat Wetlands where the children have the opportunity to see a wide variety of birds, reptiles, climb rocks and explore the surrounding bushland.

Although all Educators can take excursions to the surrounding areas on any day we also have ‘The Gumnuts’ program which has been designed to encapsulte a dedicated outdoor Educator who will harness the local parklands, netball courts and wetlands to become an outdoor classroom.

Children’s interests, room learning focus’ and spontanous play will be at the core of the program development with the integration of Physical Education and Nature Play where the children will be able to learn basic yet fundamental physical skills whilst being immersed in the natural surroundings.


What also makes Timber Tots different is its designated 400m² garden area located on an adjoining property. A full time Garden Educator is employed to run a specifically designed outdoor program for each room throughout the week. This program allows all children the opportunity to enter the Garden, spend time outdoors and to learn all about animals, plants, harvesting, life cycles, and sustainability within a fun and hands on experience.

Timber Tots’ outdoor facilities are an open and ever‐changing environment. An environment where it is possible to experience freedom to the natural world around them. Each space provides unique elements which allow children to be exposed to sunlight, natural elements and open air, contributing to bone development, stronger immune system and physical activity. 

There are many other benefits linked with outdoor and nature play that have been documented.

Some of the positive impacts include the following:
 Supporting creativity and problem solving
 Enhancing cognitive abilities
 Improving academic performance
 Reducing Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) symptoms
 Increasing physical activity
 Improving nutrition
 Improving eyesight
 Improving social relations
 Improving self‐discipline, and
 Reducing stress.

During outdoor play, our children are not just learners but they become teachers too. They are able to share their knowledge and skills with others around them to achieve different tasks and challenges.

At Timber Tots we want to ensure that children have the opportunity to access these positive impacts by providing them with regular access to outside play. By incorporating programs including Nature Play, Forest School, Physical Education our Educators are continually striving to immerse children in opportunities to be involved in the natural world.

Our aim is to transform educational practices by moving away from frequent indoor activities to regular planned and spontaneous use of the outdoor environment which surrounds us. By allowing children to have access to a variety of outdoor environments including their regular outdoor playground, to our dedicated purpose‐built garden, to the natural parklands, these different outdoor play spaces provide children with different play opportunities which cannot be replicated inside a room.

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