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The team at The Outsiders are committed to championing authentic free play experiences for children. By day, the Outsiders all practice what they preach in the field so to speak as playworkers at Camp Hill Outside School Hours Care, a service known for its cutting edge application of genuine free play and playwork principles into the daily practice. By appointment, The Outsiders offer information and practical stories that delve deeper into the realms of play, play theory and the many developmental benefits that surround it. Our team provides real-life stories married with theory to inspire more play journeys.


The Outsiders Play Workshop

Price: $750 plus GST per session (including two presenters) - online training availble during social distancing!

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Benefits of Loose parts in a play setting

Based on  Action Research carried out by the Camp Hill team in 2017, this session gives educators and playworkers a practical crash course in both managing loose parts and the theory behind why one would want to.  This practical unpacking will arm your team with all the knowledge they will need to effectively implement and understand a loose parts setting, as well the knowledge to foster buy-in from relevant stakeholders.

Rough and Tumble Play:

One of the more controversial of Hugh’s play types, but funnily enough the most common play type found around the globe is rough and tumble play. This talk is designed to take a deeper look at the benefits of this play type and how it leads to the development of empathy and resilience in children. We want to challenge the preconceived assumption that rough play leads to aggressive behaviours and show the extreme importance of allowing and facilitating this play type.

Effective behaviour management through engagement

In this session, we will analyse effective behaviour management through engagement. But what is effective? Who should be engaged? Are we discussing adverse behaviours? Or all behaviours? It is time to dig deeper into this topic than the face value world of behaviour management and ensure all stakeholders are accountable and on the same page.

A Practical Intro to Playwork

In this presentation, we look at the playwork principles, and in particular, the ones we can use to enhance our play setting and create authentic play experiences for the children in our care. This talk is a look at both theory and practice, with the intention to create a clearer picture of what playwork practice looks like and to instill confidence in our abilities to embed these theories into our day to day practice.

Pilgrimage to Play. Documentary and Discussion

This presentation is about showcasing a short documentary filmed at Camp Hill OSHC in 2018. The Doco is a follow on from an Action Research paper conducted in 2017 on the benefits of Loose Parts. The presentation is designed to provide a visual representation of how we conduct our Loose Parts environment at Camp Hill OSHC. We intend for this presentation to be more conversational and hope that the doco provides inspiration to look at your own practices and how you can improve your services daily to provide better play opportunities. 


Meet The Outsiders

Lucy Ada

With 15 years of experience working with children and families and a family background in early years care and education, Lucy Ada has recently devoted her practice to Playwork and all things pertaining to it. Lucy has completed a playwork course, a degree in Fine Arts and a Cert lll in child care, and has a passion for authentic education. Being the staffing manager at camp hill OSHC her focus is now on transferring that passion onto other staff and throughout the industry as a whole. 

Angus Gorrie

With a background in event organisation and management, and now a student of psychology and playwork, Angus Gorrie has been working in the education sector for 9 years. Currently working as the Program Manager at Camp Hill Outside School Hours Care, Angus and his team have a passion for proactive childhood development incorporating risky play, nature play, and playwork into the everyday program. In addition to OSHC, Angus has also organised and run many other events for school-aged children including fishing and adventure camps. 

Isaih Tueta

Isaih Tueta has worked at Camp Hill OSHC since 2012. He splits his time between being one of the centres playworkers and being the assistant program manager. Through his roles in the industry, Isaih has experience in practically applying playwork principles and pedagogies to an OSHC setting, as well as making it fit in with the MTOP framework ensuring a smooth program and routine that allows the children maximum freedom and play experiences. Isaih has a diploma in early childhood development as well as a qualification in playwork through ‘Pop-up Adventure Play’.

Todd Ada

Todd Ada is the Service Manager at Camp Hill Outside School Hours Care and has worked within the Childcare and School Age Care industry for over 10 years. Todd completed his Bachelors of Education Degree in Primary and Middle School in 2007 and has worked as a Manager of Camp Hill OSHC since 2009. He is also currently studying a certificate in Playwork and is passionate about children's development and growth and the important role that play has in developing the holistic child. As a Service Manager and Nominated Supervisor of the service, Todd understands the many complexities of the industry and the barriers that we all face but is excited with the way he sees the industry heading.




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