The Neighbourhood Play Project

In just one generation, the average Australian childhood has shifted from a largely outdoors, active, independent, social, community orientated play; to a mostly indoors, sedentary, technologically immersed, highly structured, fearful and risk adverse play space.  

The Neighbourhood Play Project is an exploration of this issue to help activate local communities. 

Commencing with a Community Forum in Caboolture (occurred in April 2018), expressions of interest were gathered to identify people who would like to participate in a community project to activate their street and with their children, ‘walk their local neighbourhood’ with other local children to learn more how children play outdoors. 

A neighbourhood play event is held at a local park to invite local children and their families to participate (July 2018). Local children will walk with a facilitator over several weekend sessions with a celebration event to conclude. The process will be filmed and the project culminates in the creation of a documentary to shine a light on Neighbourhood play and act as a pilot to help other communities also activate play in their area.

For more information contact: [email protected]

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