What's Your Neighbourhood Story?

What's Your Neighbourhood Story? - a 30 min film to spark your neighbourhood play journey. What's Your Neighbourhood Story is based on the Neighbourhood Play Documentary and has been designed as a resource for neighbourhoods, workplaces, councils, and developers. 

This timely and important short film is centered on two of our most precious resources.... our children and where we live. 

It is no secret that over the past 30 years, childhood has drastically changed.   

Children are quickly losing interest in a world beyond their front door. The way this generation plays is vastly different from their parents.   

We went on a mission: to see if we could find families willing to go on a journey with us, to try to activate their neighbourhoods as places for children to play.  

But is it possible in this modern world?  

After months of planning, searching, connecting, playing and exploring this topic, and exploring many average Australian suburban neighbourhoods; after facing many challenges, having many tough conversations, and discovering hard-hitting facts surrounding children's neighbourhood play, we have the answer..... 

And, we managed to have lots of fun along the way... 

'What is your Neighbourhood Story' is a powerful, insightful, heart-aching, and unflinching examination of why neighbourhoods have become the canary in the coal mine regarding the ways that kids play and the health of our communities. 

How could you use this short film to inspire action?

1. Hold a Lunch and Watch session at your workplace (this short film is a terrific way to learn what is the current state of play for children).
2. Send the link in your school, community, workplace Newsletter (it is free and we would love to spread it far and wide).
3. Contact Nature Play to arrange a special forum involving the film (we are a small team but always open to new ideas to advocate and make improvements for children).
4. Have a conference coming up? Hold a screening and discussion session

Full-length Documentary - The Neighbourhood Play Project

If you would like to watch the full-length feature - The Neighbourhood Play Project, you can do so at no charge. 

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