About Embracing 2018 Partnership

Why partner with the Embracing 2018 Legacy Program?


The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) offers Queenslanders the opportunity to see, and be inspired by, some of the world’s finest athletes, showcasing competitors from 70 nations and territories across 18 sports and 7 para sports.

But GC2018 is about more than 11 days of sporting competition. By hosting the Games, Queensland will secure a positive economic and social legacy for communities across the state.

The world-class athletes of today, began their journey of mastering their bodies through outdoor play. Unstructured outdoor play was the foundation of their specific skills development - creating a love of movement, a love of challenge and a love of mastery.

A core part of the Embracing 2018 Legacy Program is focused on building active, engaged and healthy communities, and a key part of which is this partnership with Nature Play QLD.

By encouraging children and families to get outside and enjoy the incredible natural landscapes our State offers, we can lay the foundations for lifelong healthy habits.

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