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Complete Missions, and automatically go in the draw to WIN great prizes.  


It's easy, fun and active!

This Passport program works hand-in-hand with an online interface where you’ll find hundreds more outdoor missions for your children and family.  The online interface also celebrates missions as they are achieved, encourages your children to reflect on their experiences, and provides them with additional incentives to go outdoors more often. 

The Prize!

There are two prize draws, meaning you have two opportunties to enter and WIN!  
Competition close dates are midnight on 11 November 2018 and 29 April 2019

Prize:  Win a GoPro HERO5, to the value of approximately $500 (one GoPro for each prize draw)







How to enter the Nature Play QLD Passport Mission Prize Draw!

Step 1.  Order your Nature Play QLD Passport and register it online at, otherwise known as the Passport Mission Control interface.

Step 2.  Select a mission.

Step 3.  Go outdoors, have FUN and complete the mission.

Step 4.  Go back to the online Passport Mission Control and tick your mission as completed.

Step 5.  Rate the mission and leave a comment online.

You will automatically go in the draw to WIN great prizes!

 These missions are ones you can achieve and comment on, time and time again.


Terms and Conditions

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They are put in place to ensure our give-aways are awesome and lawful.

Have fun and good luck!


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