Five Realms of Joy at Mackay’s Mud World

Like mud between the toes, joy oozed from the faces of all the mudlings and mudults (big mudlings) frolicking in the mud at Mud World Mackay, on May 25th & 26th 2019.

Huge smiles were plastered like mud across the faces of every Mud World visitor brave enough to venture into the five realms of Mackay Mud World! What will stick and stick are the amazing and memorable muddy moments the Mud World families share forever. 

Across the weekend over 600 children and their families, over 1,000 mudlings and mudults in total, made the inspired decision to attend Mackay’s first Mud World at Rowallan Park, and were treated to some of the squelchiest, squeeziest and most seriously sumptuous mud in existence (thanks to the legends at Blue River Landscaping).

With nothing but goggles and a great sense of adventure, children morphed within moments into the happiest, muckiest mudlings of Mud World Mackay.


We say the families who mud together, stay together – and there were oodles of great, bonding family memories and moments happening throughout the five realms of Mud World over that muddy weekend to remember.

With everyone getting down and dirty – the healthy exercise, happy endorphins and great value social interactions were all happening so organically.

A day in the life of a Mackay muddling means climbing, scaling, and traversing the great Muddy Mountain Range. Then sliding full pelt down the Muddy Landslide, squealing with happiness, getting to the bottom and running straight back up the hill for another turn, time and time again! Dodging the mud balls in Mud Mania, making compounds from hay bales, dirt and water to mix up more muddy ammunition - really sparking the creativity, problem solving, cooperative play and imaginations of mudlings and mudults alike!



Queensland Health, Mackay Hospital Health Services, Mackay Institute of Research and Innovation, the Let’s Shape Up Program, and the Mackay Regional Council are the heroes whose shoulders we stood on to make Mud World Mackay happen. Without their passion for investing in and supporting this initiative, Mud World Mackay could only be a dream. Thanks also to Counsellor Ross Gee for making to effort to come play in mud with the folks of Mackay. 

The muddy soup of Mud Village was the scene of many joy-filled mud battles, wrestles, running, chasing, muddy sword fights, and well planned ambushes.


It was also turned into a source of mediative and tranquil muddy immersion, or what we like to call muditation. So magical and full of sensory learning!

The super cute action in Muddy Monsterland was an incredible example of foundational skills development. So many creative muddy sketches, and plenty of mud pies made in the mud kitchens for some lucky supervising mudults.

All the climbing, crawling and wading through the slosh of this area was, well, perfect. Children playing side by side, watching each other, learning from one another and all those around. Building strong relationships with their significant caregivers. Happy as, well, pigs in mud.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their time to support Mud World Mackay so adeptly. You all did a great job making Mud World Mackay marvellous. You guys were brilliant to work alongside, and an absolute joy – thank you!

Thank you so much to the Mackay Scouts, in particular Jason Hazel, Bob Hodda and the Rowallan Fellowship, for letting us temporarily mess up your backyard to a pretty significant degree for the children of Mackay and surrounds.

Thank you also to Mackay Regional Tourism, Mackay Community Gardens, Mackay Mums & Bubs, Triple M, Star FM and Lets Do Something for your support, as well as the vendors for the great coffee and nourishment that kept us all going.

Thank you to the incredible Mackay Team; Maighan, Kelly, Loretta & Townsville representative Ngaire for your amazing hard work and extremely professional approach to building and delivering Mud World Mackay.

Finally, thank you to the children and families for coming to revel in the mud with us! You brought so much joy and enthusiasm to Mud World Mackay, we had a blast joining you all in the fun and seeing the kids make such amazing memories.

You are now all qualified mudlings and mudults – and proof there is life on Mud World!

Welcome to the grubby Mud World family!

Warm regards from the Nature Play QLD team.

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