Go Tribal this Spring School Holidays with Tribal Elements Holiday Program

About Grow Forest School Noosa

Grow Forest School Noosa Valley engages in concepts of Nature Education, Sustainable Life Skills, Natural Farming, Bush Regeneration, Aboriginal and World Indigenous Education, Dreamtime and Folklore, Nature Crafts, Mindfulness and Awareness, Nature Play and other self-empowering concepts in child personal development.

The little Noosa Valley bush & forest school is operating on Beulah community land, in the Doonan area on the Sunshine Coast. Beulah is a charity trust that identifies community, cultural diversity, sustainable living, environmental care and regeneration, social justice and other humanitarian goals as its core values, by which it carries a vision for future eco communities in Australia and the world.

Building Our Natural Farm

Over the past 3 years we have worked on building and planting a natural farm and native and island food forest, as a resource for education and for the benefit of the wider local community. Some produce from the farm is also being donated to a Sunshine Coast based organisation that supports people and families in need.

While we are experiencing low rainfall in the region, the single water resource available for the natural farm and the food forest is a small dam which was already on the land when we came here. We water the farm by hand, by filling buckets of water from the dam. Sometimes it takes us about 3 hours to water the land, although we can not sustain further farm projects or expand the food forest and regeneration projects, relying on the small dam alone. Water level in the dam is lowest we have seen in 3 years.

Plans for the Future

With the future of nature education here on the land, Grow Forest School and the community realise that a reliable, solar powered, bore system is required. We have good quality water available under the ground but no access to it at this point. Such bore system will relief the dam and secure water supply for the natural farm, the little bush & forest school, and we could go ahead with work on our food forest for education and community, for generations to come.

Making It Happen!

By launching a fundraiser via, Grow Forest School and Beulah community, committed to raise $12,000 for the purpose of digging the bore, putting a solar water pump in place and bringing fresh water to the land. Grow Forest School Noosa Valley is running the campaign for 6 months and will donate 10% of all proceeds from the up and coming Grow holiday program - TRIBAL ELEMENTS, towards 'Water for our Forest School Farm' fundraiser on The fundraiser campaign and our story can be viewed here.

Our Holiday Programs

Tribal Elements is a Grow Forest School 2 day holiday program (single day pass available) running holistic, nature education and sustainable life skills workshops on 27-28 September for the Primary years (6-11 y/o) and on 4-5 October for the Early Year (3-5 y/o).

Tribal Elements holiday program information is available on the Grow Forest School events' calendar on Facebook and is listed on the Nature Play QLD events page.

Please support Water for our Forest School Farm, if you can, get your Tribal Elements Ticket and enjoy a nurturing tribal bush & forest school experience these school holidays!

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