Start using the Passport Mission Control

Access hundreds of missions for your children to achieve!


Step 1:  Order a FREE Nature Play QLD Passport here.

Waiting for your Passport to arrive?  While you wait, you are still able to access nature play missions on the online mission control interface - jump to step 2.  Please anticipate up to two weeks for your order to arrive.

Before completing the steps below, you may want to watch this short instructional video (created by Nature Play WA):



Mission Control Interface

Step 2:  Parents / Carers, register online on the Mission Control Interface.

This step is often completed after you receive your passport in the mail or if your child brings a passport home. Use the online Passport Mission Control to find age-appropriate nature play missions.  There are hundreds of secret outdoor missions for you to discover and complete.

Step 3:  Register your child/children and their Passport on the Mission Control Interface.  

Create a profile for your child by recording a username, and they will be allocated a passport number.  You can then start to allocate missions for each child.  You may choose to protect your child's identity by using their initials or any variation of their name.

Step 4:  Find and allocate missions 

You and each child should now have an online nature play login and web page. Login to the Nature Play Mission Control Interface to access hundreds of suggested age-appropriate outdoor activities.  Customise their experience by activating missions they’re willing to undertake, selecting additional missions, or opting out of any missions you don't want to do. Once you have clicked ‘make active mission’, you will see the activities listed on the home page and on your child’s online interface.

Step 5:  Complete mission and log

Your child goes outside and completes the nature play missions!  Then, completed missions are logged in their passport and online mission control.

Step 6:  Child’s rating

Your children can then evaluate their experience by rating the mission and commenting on their adventures through the online mission control interface.

Child's comment: “on this mission I saw a golden orb spider a lizard 2 dead beetles (spider killed them) and some butterflies and you should really get outdoors and go on a safari.”

Step 7:  Parent’s rating

Completed task is signed-off by a parent or carer through the online mission control interface where you can also leave a rating and comment.

Parent's comment:  “Chelsea and Poppy went for a walk around the yard. They came back with beautiful bracelets filled of flowers, straw, rock, feathers, leaves. She had a great time!”

Optional extra step:  Collect points and grow your avatar

Your child will be assigned points from each mission achieved.  With these points, your child has the option creating an online Nature Play avatar.  This online mission control interface can be additional incentive for children to achieve missions. 

Children earn points after completing missions, when confirmed by an adult.  The more missions they complete, the more they can personalise their Nature Play avatar.  Points are used to unlock new avatar accessories – which means that they get to ‘purchase’ decorations for an online cartoon, as a reward.

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