Infants and toddlers

Early learning nature play experiences for babies and toddlers to experience within an early childcare setting.

Support group learning with these resources by Nature Play QLD:

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20 Early Learning Nature Play Experiences for Infants and Toddlers




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99 Things To Do Before You're 3

The ‘99 Things to do Before You’re 3’ lists have been expertly developed for Nature Play QLD by paediatricians and health specialists.

Have fun outdoors with your child while developing their growing minds and bodies. How many of them have you already done?

Each item is perfectly matched to developmental milestones such as parallel play or showing emotional responses to others, so make sure you try them all!  Download and print these three posters now to start children on a lifelong love of nature play!  Click to view posters with reduced imagery for easy printing.  They will open in a new window.



GROW with Nature Play App

GROW with Nature Play is the practical play App developed for grown-ups to grow children's connection with nature, from birth to 3 years.  It features heaps of things to do, based on the 99 Things to do - above.  

Up to thirty children can be added to the App which supports its use by early childhood education professionals, child health and wellbeing professionals, and more.

Applications include the ability to add photos, videos and a personal journal as well as identify activities that have been achieved, and how that activity supports the child's development.  It reveals how children are growing in terms of key developmental areas:

  • social and emotional
  • language and communication
  • learning, thinking and problems olving
  • movement and physical development
  • connection to nature.

It is also popular with families, and in a professional setting, families can be invited to privately view their child's outdoor adventures and stay connected while their children are in care.

Available now on App Store and Google Play.

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