Letter to Parents and Carers

Dear Parents, Grandparents, Carers and all nature-loving grown-ups with children in your life!

Welcome to Nature Play QLD and congratulations on taking this step to benefitting your children as they grow, play and learn in nature.  A wonderful world awaits!

Most people understand the lifelong need of nature play; yet unfortunately, too many children are not getting the outdoor contact and unstructured outdoor playtime they need. Nature play is proven to significantly improve all aspects of child development - physical, mental, social and emotional, including growth of resilience, self-confidence, creativity and more. At Nature Play QLD, we encourage the community to value nature play, and we support families to prioritise it in children’s lives. 

There is a worrying trend of children’s playtime being spent participating in sedentary activities. This is often due to busy lifestyles and is heightened by the use of technology for recreation. As a community, we can all take action to curb the growing trend of sedentary behaviour of children in our state. Nature Play QLD is playing a leading role in the solution...but we can't do it alone!

How can Nature Play QLD help your family?

Here is a quick overview of our resources, information and activities to inspire you to support your children’s outdoor play.  (Hint: link to more info with the heading).

Passport to An Amazing Childhood

for children aged 3 to 12

Get started with our signature program - ‘Passport to an Amazing Childhood’. This innovative and world leading program was developed to inspire children to reconnect with unstructured play in nature. Order a free Nature Play Passport today!  This Passport program works hand-in-hand with an online interface where you can access hundreds of fun and challenging nature play missions. Use the passports to record nature play adventures achieved. The online interface can alternatively be used to celebrate missions as they are achieved, while also encouraging your children to provide feedback and reflect on their experiences with some added avatar incentives.  

Also view: How to get started on the Mission Control, to access hundreds of nature play missions.

Licence to Play (Outdoors):

for children aged 3 to 12

An extension of the Passport to an Amazing Childhood, this program proves children’s ability to play outdoors with confidence – for both parent and child - by completing challenging outdoor activities. Similar to adult driver licences, kids work their way through three levels (L’s- Loving it, P’s- Passionate, O’s- Organic) to prove their intuitive ability to be a Nature Player!

Nature Playlists:

for children aged 0 to 12

Nature Playlists are our lists of fun things for kids to do outdoors that every child should experience! You’ll never be short of nature play inspiration with these Playlists which collectively contain over 200 Things To Do; 200 Places To Go in Queensland; 33 Things To Do Before You’re 1, 2 and 3; 49 Things To Do Before You’re 5; and 51 Things To Do Before You’re 12.

Family Nature Clubs: 

for the whole family

The best way to ensure your family is getting outside to do fun things is to make plans. Family Nature Clubs are simply groups of families that get together on a somewhat regular basis to do fun things outside. Each club is unique, in where they meet, how often they meet and what they do when they get together. Register a new club online or join one near you, and be inspired by our Family Nature Club resource activities. We offer a free Family Nature Club Toolkit with a quick start guide detailing how to start a club, tips for healthy kids, links to online resources, schedules and calendars and more.

Reviving Neighbourhood Nature Play tips and ideas:

for adults to share with children 4 and up

This campaign is to change community play habits and connections. Children are no longer playing outside due to a myriad of reasons including a lack of community networks and neighbourhood isolation; safety fears; increased car traffic; stranger danger and children no longer walking to school, the shops or to their friends. Not to mention the increase in use of indoor technology for recreation. Use these resources to help your children connect and play with other children in your neighbourhood, including; ‘5 Tips to Revive Neighbourhood Play in your Community’ Poster, ‘Invite your Neighbours to Play’ Letter, ‘We can play’ Door Sign, ‘8 Tips for holding a Neighbourhood Street Party’ Poster.

GROW with Nature Play App:

for adults with infants and toddlers to age 3

GROW with Nature Play is the practical play App for parents, carers and early childhood professionals that gets your newborn to 3 year old to benefit from daily nature play, during the vital formative years of their lives. It features activities to do, a journal to record your adventures and memories, information about the benefits of nature play to your child's development, health and wellbeing, confidence, curiosity and family bonds, and many other applications.  Developed by Nature Play QLD and available on App Store & Google Play.

Outdoor Classroom Day QLD:

If you have children in child care through to primary school, or if you are an educator or homeschool parent.

Outdoor Classroom Day is an international campaign to celebrate the power of outdoor learning and play for young minds; Nature Play QLD is rolling it out across Queensland.  We are asking for students to be taken outdoors to learn, for at least one class, on 7 September 2017 or any day this Spring.  There's something for all ages.  If you’re a parent, your child’s school, kindergarten or early learning service may want to get involved.  We also have created a letter for your child to give to their teacher on this share page.


There's plenty more to discover on our website including the Events, Places to Go, 30 Day Nature Play Challenge, DIY Nature Play activities, tips for playing outdoors for longer without risk of any sun damage, Nature Play Spaces, blogs, research and more!


Nature Play QLD is a grass-roots movement; we flourish as you do.  Please join our e-newsletter for updates to our programs, school-holiday activities and more.  Engage with us on social media via the Nature Play QLD Facebook, Pintrest, Intagram and Twitter pages using #NaturePlayQLD. Please also remember to share your stories and feedback of your engagement with the Passport to An Amazing Childhood activities through the Mission Control Interface.

We look forward to continuing to support your family’s outdoor adventures!


The Nature Play QLD Team

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