Natural Childhood Report - National Trust (UK)

This is a must read for passionate Nature Play adults!  

Life-long Naturalist and Producer of the BBC series Springwatch, Stephen Moss from the United Kingdom has written the follow report into Nature Deficit Disorder, the benefits of a natural childhood, the barriers impacting on nature play experiences and most crucially our next steps as individuals and a collective community within the Join the Debate: Towards Solutions section of the report.  Moving forward for our children after all is the priority! Stephen makes frequent reference to the words of Tim Gill and David Bond.  Both Tim Gill and David Bond will be speakers at our Reviving Neighbourhood Nature Play Community Forums, 14-18 March 2016. It is evident that we here in Queensland are certainly not alone. Nature Deficit Disorder is a global and growing issue for our children today. 

Link to report:  Natural Childhood Report - National Trust

By Stephen Moss 


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