Nature Play and National Family Day Care Week

The skies opened and the rain fell but this didn't dampen our spirits. As the saying going, "there's no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing". So up went the umbrellas, off came the shoes (or on went the gumboots) and on went the rain coats. Up to 120 participants were part of this wonderful event in a local park, surrounded by trees, gardens and a meandering creek. The beauty of having the event here was that not many families had visited this park and were in wonder at the beautiful natural resources it provided.


Cassowary Coast Family Day Care Educators embraced the nature play ethos by providing activities for the children that included creating beautiful sun catchers with local flowers and leaves, creating stick puppets with elements from the environment, and for the younger children little bracelets were made by adding leaves and flowers onto the sticky side of tape wrapped around their wrist.


Nature Play is an important aspect of teaching for Cassowary Coast Family Day Care, using the natural resources and environment to enhance and provide learning opportunities, challenges, and a sense of calm.


Cassowary Coast Family Day Care used this event as an opportunity to provide the local community with take home packs to encourage nature play at home. 


Packs included Nature Play QLD resources such as the "99 things to do before you're 3" lists and Nature Play QLD Passport (which included a National Family Day Care Week "Every Child's a Star" sticker for kids to use when they completed a mission), as well as other resources which Educators love to use!


Much fun was had creating boats out of seed pods and leaves, and then taking them to the little creek to check if they floated. On many occasions they didn't float, which gave the child the opportunity to reassess and learn what they had done and what could be done differently to get the result they wanted. Nature can always challenge and allow a child to grow.


Just as a star is found in the night sky, a star is found in each child. Happy National Family Day Care Week.

Cassowary Coast Family Day is proud to say they are a local scheme supporting locals. The Region embraces Innisfail, Mission Beach, Tully and Cardwell areas in Far North Queensland. If you would like further information feel free to contact the scheme on (07) 4030 2254 or visit their website.

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