Neighbourhood Play Resources

Reviving Neighbourhood Nature Play Resources


A.  5 Tips to Revive Neighbourhood Nature Play

  1. Play in the front yard. New neighbourhood friends will see you having fun and it will only be a matter of time before they are joining you for outdoor adventures!
  2. Knock on your neighbour’s door. Be the first neighbour to start the trend. Simply knock on their door and say hey!
  3. Organise neighbourhood playdates. Get to know your neighbours by inviting them out for playdates. These can begin in the backyard and then progress to the front yard and beyond!
  4. Hold a street party. This is such a fun packed way to meet and get to know your neighbours. Look out for our Nature Play Qld  Street Party pack coming very soon!
  5. Be seen playing in your neighbourhood regularly. Fun is catching. Keep consistently being seen playing and watch how over time healthy neighbourly relationships begin.


B. Invite your neighbours to play

Do your kids know the other kids in your neighbourhood or street?  To help them connect, we have created an invitation letter template.

Use it to invite your neighbours to play, and be part of our statewide movement to revive neighbourhood nature play.

This letter is a first step to giving our children back the opportunity to play out in their neighbourhoods, just like we did

Neighbour Day, on 26 March, is also a good excuse to share the letter.

Click image to open as PDF to print and then fill in the blanks with handwriting.


C.  Let your neighbours know when your kids are available to play.

Print this sign and hang it on your front door! 

(click to open in a new window, simple design might work best on a home printer)



D.  Hold a Reviving Neighbourhood Play Street Party.  

Here's 8 tips to get you started: 

(Click to increase in size and open in a new window)


As per number three above, here is a street party bunting design:

Click to open in full in a new windown, and then simply print out a few times, cut out and stick along ribbon or string





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