Outdoor Play Position Statement Series


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What can you do?

  1. Read the position statement which best aligns with your sector or interest.
  2. Read the other statements to be informed of all challenges and opportunities associated with outdoor free play.
  3. Talk to Nature Play QLD. Nature Play QLD is already implementing lots of initiatives, which you may like to join, support or be inspired by.
  4. Taking simple and straightforward steps in your local area will make a long-term difference.
  5. If it is within your influence, consider how you can start on the Next Steps areas of the position statements.
  6. All efforts help, and not every solution will fit every community. Develop local strategies.
  7. Keep talking about how and why our children need outdoor free play.
  8. Take your children out to play more often.


The Outdoor Play is Everybody’s Business Position Statements were created by Nature Play QLD.

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