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  • 5 - 6 years
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  • Skate park


  • Sun shade
  • Seating

Paddington Skate Park

The Paddington skate park has been the premier inner city skate park for almost a decade, being one of the first street style parks built.

Over the years, it has had many additional extras added and been altered by those who skate it, as well as major changes, including the removal of the metal mini ramp and small metal spine that were key features of the park.

In the current state, with the new obstacles, it includes a lumpy 6ft concrete half pipe, a fairly smooth 4ft bowl, various original quarters, banks, hips, ledges and the new block / rail combo.

There are toilets, taps, shops, transport and everything else close by. You can drive in and park freely in the back streets beside the park or catch a bus to the city or directly there depending on your options.


Neal MacRossan Park

Caroline Street

Paddington, 4064

QLD, Australia

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