Perfect Beginnings Child Care Centre

  At our centre, we cater for children from birth to five years and we are proud to be officially endorsed by Nature Play QLD.

All of our educators have embraced the bush kindy philosophy and we, as well as the children and families look forward to our sessions each week. Our journey started with the idea that we should be doing more to involve our children in natural play. We already have indoor/outdoor programs so were looking to include more play where children are making their own decisions and to also include more “risky play”. We now have a qualified “Forest School leader” and will be sending another educator this year to complete the training.

Our “Forest school Leader” is responsible for guiding the planning in the outdoors for the children at the centre and off site. The children are encouraged to use “loose parts” during play and families are involved in donating items for the children to use.

We allow children to grow and learn as they create, explore and make connections and care for the environment around them. Our hope for the future is that we have guided our children to grow into environmentally responsible adults.



Address: 83 Holmead Road, Eight Mile Plains

Case Study

The team at Perfect Beginnings were very excited and eager to learn about Bush Kindy. We were reading all we could find online. Our team were all very passionate about natural play experience. We then found the opportunity to attend the Forest School Initiative Training session held at Indiscapes Capalaba. My director Sharon, Management and the Owners were very supportive as we took the first steps of our new journey.

During the week of the Training at Indigiscapes, I was excited to learn. It was very informative, to the point if you attend you have the resources to create your own Bush Kindy Service entirely. It was all worth it, I learnt so much and can’t express enough how much everyone can gain from this course. I loved all the learning experiences both inside with the theory and outside with the practical side. The practical side was very fun and was almost like a bonding experience for all of us. I felt this really brought everyone together. This was also the case at lunch, as we all sat together in the cafe area enjoying our beautiful surroundings. Hands down this experience was my favorite training experience and I cannot recommend this enough for all educators and teachers.

I was very eager to come back and share all this great knowledge I leant just on the first week of the course. As soon as I got back, I relayed all the information to my director and manager and got started with all the paperwork and documentation needed for us to successfully run a forest school program. We had a staff meeting and all the staff were so eager to get it started. I shared majority of the resources I obtained from the course with all my peers. I completed

our handbook and all staff read this before we gave it to our families. Once families had this handbook, we were overwhelmed by all the positive feedback we were receiving from all our families and people within the community, as well as other centers.

For the Bush Kindy Sessions we started with kindergarten and a few weeks later including both of our Junior Kindy and Toddler rooms. During our sessions I was able to see both the children and educators grow with confidence. They were all learning and supporting one another. Children were encouraging educators to climb, using the same language we were. ‘do you feel safe’, ‘how could you safely get up/down’? This was amazing to see and hear this positive encouragement which also supports development. We have used one of our two sites so far; we have two sites to rotate between during the year to reduce our ecological impact.


We are very fortunate to have great owners whom support all their centres, Educators and children’s growth and development. We are looking into sending more educators from the Perfect Beginnings Team to attend this course yearly from now. I have kept in connect with my peers from the one-week course though a private Facebook group. I have also found Facebook groups with past students from The Forest School Initiative Team. We are working with nature play to be endorsed as a nature play provider. Nature play also helped make plans for our yard improvement, which have just been finished offering now a wider range of natural elements; running water, rocks, mud etc.


Our manager and owners also just held a team bonding experience with ‘Pallet play’. This is a bonding experience for educators as they work together to build natural play-based furniture using recycled pallets. Through this workshop they taught a little on electric tool work and tool safety with Adults and children, which was different to Bush Kindy as they worked with hand tools. I am now looking into how I can incorporate both of these ideas together for an outdoor experience at the center, while we are not at a Bush Kindy session.

As the new year begins, I have also been offered a new role as a Bush Kindy Leader/ Outdoor Educator for two centres in Brisbane, Perfect Beginnings Eight Mile Plains and Perfect Beginnings Mount Gravatt.  

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