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Goomboora Park

Goomboora Park is a family favorite for so many reasons. There is plenty of wide open spaces, large trees and shelter for shade, picnic tables and even a waterhole to swim in!

Bring sun protection and swim stuff for the water hole. The kids will not be able to resist on a hot day (maybe parents wont either). The water is cool and quite shallow in most areas. There are a couple of areas that drop off, so be sure you have checked it our before the little ones jump in. There is an area where the toddlers can sit by the shallows and look at rocks. Be aware that there can be mosquitoes here so insect repellant is often a good addition to your bag.

This park has a designated off leash area for dogs and dogs are often swimming here too.

Don't forget to bring some wood if you are planning to cook something on the BBQ's as they are wood fired. A great place for a party or to bring bikes for the preschoolers to ride around. There are also a few tracks where you can really feel like you are in a forest.

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