Practical Solutions: Keep On Playing

At this uncertain time, it’s important that we are looking out for each other as well as looking after you and your family mentally. Phrases such as social isolation and social distancing can seem daunting, but it’s times like these that you can always rely on one thing to be there to support us – nature!

There is nothing stopping us playing within our local neighbourhood. We have some great ways that you and your family can use nature and play to calm anxiety, improve your wellbeing and have some fun - whether you have access to your local park, backyard or balcony! We even have some great educational pieces if you're looking at doing some learning at home. 

We've highlighted just a few below, but if you want to check out all the play lists (we have over 40!) you can find them here.

Activities for everyone

20 Ways to Get Outside and Be Active

A great list to get your outside journey started within your local neighbourhood. New guidelines are asking Queenslanders to stay within their own neighbourhood to stop the spread of the virus. This list may have some ideas that you may not be able to do in your local neighbourhood - like go to the beach if you don't live near the beach - but there are plenty of other ones that you can still do! 

20 ways to get outside and be active

Nature Play Activity Finder

Choose your own adventure with our Activity Finder! You can even submit your own activity idea to share with our community. 

Nature Play Activity Finder

Nature Play QLD Passport to an Amazing Childhood

Our passport missions will have your family's imaginations running wild. If you don't want to wait for a printed version, you can head to our library of 200 online missions to get started today in your local neighbourhood. 

Order your passport  200 ONLINE MISSIONS

Places To Go

It's the perfect time to head out into the wonderful natural environments Queensland has to offer. Why not set out on a bushwalk and breathe the fresh air, or even visit a national park to spot some wildlife. We have a great list of places that you can explore for days on end! We only advise you to do this if you live close by to locations we have listed to limit the amount of travel during this time. 


Families with Backyards

10 Things to Do in Your Backyard

Your backyard can be a super-fun wonderland of outdoor play! 

10 things to do in your backyard

Temporary Mud Pit

Yep, it's time to get muddy! Setting up a temporary mud pit in your backyard will provide hours of fun. We have a quick and easy how-to for you get your own mud pit underway. 

Build your own temporary mud pit

Families with Balconies 

Just because you don't have a backyard doesn't mean you can't have fun. Balconies can become a whole world with some imaginative outdoor play.

10 Ways to Nature Play from a Balcony

Here are 10 fantastic ways to enjoy nature play from your balcony. 

10 ways to nature play from your balcony

Teachable Moments

You may find yourselves at home with the kids, so why not use this time to create lessons based on nature and the outdoors. There are teachable moments everywhere we look, and they can always be fun with a bit of play and imagination! 

Connecting Kids to Country

Research your local area and discover the traditional owners of the land where you live. This is a great way to helps kids appreciate what they have and grow their sense of awe and connection to country. You might even learn something yourself that you can bring into your everyday lives. We also have a great blog written by a friend of Nature Play QLD, Ngaire Trigg, on the importance of connecting children to our traditional owners you can read through the link below.  

Blog - Connecting kids to country 

Art in Nature

Everywhere we look, nature gives us the most beautiful view, colours and shapes. Have a read of our blog on some great ways to get your kids out in nature and encourage a budding young artist.

Blog - Art in nature, it's everywhere

Animal Scratchings

No matter where we live, there is always wildlife all around us. Head outside at different times of the day and see what you can find. Can't see animals? Try and look for signs of where they have been. Check out our activity on hunting for animal scratchings and try to identify what animal may have made them! 

Activity - Animal Scratchings

Plant the Seeds for Play

It's the perfect time to head out into the garden! Did you know that you can plant native plants that will provide excellent loose parts for kids as they grow? Gardening can be so therapeutic, even more so when the whole family is involved. Check out what's native in your area and see what magic you can create.

Blog - Planting the seeds for play

STEAM Inspiration Lesson Plan Ideas

Creating some outdoor fun that's linked to the school curriculum sounds impossible right? We have some great inspiration on how you can do this right in your backyard! Our Education Coordinator, Anya Imhoff, has created lists that do just that. 

STEAM Inspiration Lesson Plan Ideas for all year levels


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