Passport to an Amazing Childhood

3 easy steps - it's fun and it's free! 



Nature Play Passports to An Amazing Childhood inspire children to reconnect with nature through unstructured play and outdoor learning, with incentives. 

Provide your children with a sense of accomplishment and wonder as they grow, play and learn in nature. 

Nature Play QLD offers a new edition ‘Nature Play QLD Gold Coast Passport’, in partnership with the City of Gold Coast. Order yours now, it’s free!

WIN great prizes by completing missions and registering them as complete on the online Passport Mission Control.  How to enter.

If you are outside of the Gold Coast - we will add you to our order list for the next reprint of our state wide, Nature Play QLD passport.

What is it?

The Nature Play Passports

The Nature Play QLD Gold Coast Passport is a small physical booklet, similar to a travel passport, that contains fun nature play missions, stickers and blank pages.  It's used to document and celebrate nature play missions and outdoor learning activities your children achieve.  It goes hand-in-hand with the online Passport Mission Control, where you can find hundreds more nature play missions.

Your child’s mission, if they choose to accept it, is to spend time outdoors, be adventurous, try new things, be brave, get messy and have fun!

Order your free Nature Play QLD Passport, register it online and check out our online missions - then, get out and play!  

You can order any number of Passports – from one for your child at home, to one for every student at your school (more on uses in schools and large groups here).  It’s most suitable for children aged 3 to 12 years old.


Nature play is FUNdamental to a full and healthy childhood - it grows children’s health and happiness.  Nature play is proven to significantly improve all aspects of child development – physical, mental, social and emotional, including growth of resilience, self-confidence, learning ability, concentration, creativity and more.

The Passport and missions act as a great incentive and inspiration to get kids playing independently outdoors.  Fantastic prizes offered with this new edition Nature Play QLD Gold Coast Passport are a further incentive to get involved in nature play.

How to enter the Nature Play QLD Passport Competition!

Win a GoPro HERO5, to the value of approximately $500 (one GoPro for each prize draw)

Two prize draws means two opportunities to WIN!  
Competition close dates are midnight 11 November 2018 and 29 April 2019 

Preliminary step: Order your special edition Nature Play QLD Gold Coast Passport now!

Step 1.  Register your Nature Play QLD Passport online at, otherwise known as the Passport Mission Control interface.

Step 2. Explore the mission options and select a mission.

Step 3.  Go outdoors, have FUN and complete the mission.

Step 4.  Go back to the online Passport Mission Control and tick your mission as completed.

Step 5.  Rate the  mission and leave a comment online.  

You will automatically go in the draw to WIN great prizes!

More info on competition prizes, terms and conditions here.


More about the online Passport Mission Control

Use the online Passport Mission Control to find age-appropriate nature play missions.  There are hundreds of secret outdoor missions for you to discover and complete.

Waiting for your Passport to arrive?  While you wait, you are still able to access nature play missions on the online mission control interface.  Please anticipate up to two weeks for your order to arrive.

Steps for your family for getting started on the Passport Mission Control

  1. Adult registers and creates a login.
  2. Adult registers child username to create a profile and to access missions.
  3. Select your Nature Play missions together.
  4. Head outside and complete your mission.
  5. Jump back online to log your missions achieved.
  6. Leave a message for mission control - comment on your experience and rate the mission.  Child and parent can both leave comments.
  • Optional extra: Child to create a ‘Nature Play Avatar’ to represent them.

Need more assistance?  Read detailed instructions for families or individuals here


STAR GAZER MISSION - Child's Comment:  "The mission was actually way cooler than I thought it would be I saw loads of stars including the north star and southern cross I really loved watching the moon as well because it seemed to make me quite calm".


DANCING IN THE RAIN MISSION - Parent's Comment:  "My daughter is embracing new outdoor experiences! Once scared of thunder storms and rainy nights, dancing in the rain is now her favourite thing to do!"


Uses in schools and large groups

Many educators from childcare to primary, after school care providers and other large groups in Queensland regularly use Nature Play Passports with their students in class, or as homework.

Educators can order Nature Play QLD Embracing 2018 Passports here:

Passport Order Form

Need more assistance?  Read ideas and detailed instructions for using in schools or large groups here


EDUCATOR FEEDBACK:  "I registered each of my students online and sent information home to parents. It became a huge focus for term 4 of last year. Each Friday, we would collectively choose a mission for the students to complete over the next week, and also check what the students thought of the previous week's mission. We also did at least one mission as a whole class throughout the week which lead to some very valuable conversations and learning opportunities".


EDUCATOR FEEDBACK:  "The children are also given a challenge/mission to complete over the weekend. When they tell us (or a parent) that they have completed the mission at home, we stamp their passports".


EDUCATOR FEEDBACK:  "Since introducing the passports, we have found that the children who are in the SEP during playtimes are much more excited about going outside to play. Prior to this, they were very reluctant to go outside at all. When they are outside, playing in our' wild area', there are rarely any behaviour problems. They work together and are very engaged. At first, the children had no idea what to do when they were outside. They just wandered around but now they have plans and ideas to build cubbies, go mining, play hide and seek etc. When they come back into class, they are often more settled as they have had some physical exercise and fresh air"

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