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Order your special edition Nature Play QLD Embracing 2018 Passports by completing the form below, and get ready to play!

  • You can alternatively order Nature Play QLD Embracing 2018 Passports for your class, school, early learning centre or OSHC by pledging your involvement in Outdoor Classroom Day QLD - pledge here (until 7 Sept 2017).

Order your Passports and/or Licence To Play (Outdoors)

This information is for statistical data only - the passports are the same for all ages

Please note that we can only send Passports to Queensland addresses.

Please note that Passport orders can take up to 3 weeks to be delivered. While you are waiting for your Passport to arrive be sure to go and register at http://passport.natureplay.org.au/ to access stacks of secret missions for kids to complete outside. A parent/guardian must register on the online interface to get access to more than 200 missions for Nature Play kids to complete. Enjoy!

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