Cairns: Reclaim the Neighbourhood for Nature Play


Nature Play QLD and QORF have partnered with Sport and Recreation Services to present a free panel forum discussion and screening of Project Wild Thing in Cairns. 

When:  5pm to 9pm on Tuesday 8 September

Where:  Centre of Contemporary Arts Cairns.


Project Wild Thing

The event entails the screening of “Project Wild Thing”.  The documentary film, Project Wild Thing aims to encourage parents to get their children and themselves outdoors to connect with nature.   The Documentary of Project Wild Thing is a feature-length film aimed at parents to get their children and themselves outdoors to connect with nature.  The film is motivating and takes a funny and revealing look at a complex issue, and the increasingly disconnect children have with nature.  

With competing priorities of television, computers and video games, lack of time and highly scheduled lives, parents are having less time to supervise outdoor play therefore not allowing their children the freedom of going outdoors that they may have had themselves as children. 



Following directly after the viewing of the documentary a panel discussion with the audience  will take place.   The panel forum will discuss the increasing disconnect of children with their communities, outdoor play and nature, and how to overcome it. 

The Panel will have Moser and esteemed guest speaker, Dr Rachael Sharman from the University of Sunshine Coast where she is a lecturer and researcher in psychology, specialising in child/adolescent development. Rachael's research is focused on the optimal and healthy development of the paediatric brain. 

The Panel will consist of local Nature Play advocates Peter Smith, Director of Outdoor Recreation Trinity Anglican School, Breanna Leila who is leader of Cairns Family Nature Club and Lisa Seymour from Family Day Care Cairns.

Guest Speaker: Dr Rachael Sharman


  • Sandra Charlton, Teacher at Gordonvale State School
  • Peter Smith,  Director of Outdoor Recreation Trinity Anglican School
  • Breanna Leila,  Cairns Family Nature Club
  • Hyahno Moser, Nature Play QLD
  • Dr Rachael Sharman, University of Sunshine Coast
  •  MC: Abbey Stainbridge ABC


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