Nature Play QLD is proud to announce the following international guest speakers 


David Bond, UK

Campaigner and Founder/Creator of documentary, Project WildThing

David Bond is a documentary maker and campaigner. In 2010 he went on the run from the UK’s best Private Investigators to make his acclaimed feature documentary Erasing David. It was shown on Channel 4 in the UK, played on in festivals and on TV in over 40 countries and inspired HUNTED, the new Channel 4 series. His latest film Project Wild Thing is the story of his determination to get his children outside and into the ultimate, free wonder- product: Nature. It was one of 2013’s biggest feature documentary releases in the UK. The Wild Network, of which David is a founding Director and Trustee, is a movement inspired by the film. It has over 25,000 members and campaigns to make children (and adults) more wild.

Find out more at The Wild Network


Tim Gill, UK

Author of ‘No Fear; Growing Up in a Risk Adverse Society’, and founder of RethinkingChildhood.com

Tim Gill was aiming for a career as a professional philosopher in the early 1990s when he got a part-time job with a charity promoting children’s play. He finished the master’s degree, but it was the job that got under his skin. Since then Tim has campaigned for more child-friendly streets, led the first ever UK Government review on play (which shaped a £155 million National Lottery investment programme), helped to write the Mayor of London’s planning rules for outdoor play spaces, debated the nature of childhood on TV with Robert Winston, made the case for reconnecting children with nature, and led a successful push for more adventurous, exciting playgrounds. This last initiative gained the support of both Labour and coalition governments, as well as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and the Health and Safety Executive. Tim’s book No Fear: Growing up in a risk averse society came out in 2007 and led to him being awarded an honorary doctorate by Edge Hill University. What gets him out of bed in the mornings – and what he spends too much time writing about on his blog at www.rethinkingchildhood.com - is challenging the false logic of the zero risk childhood, and arguing for the expansion of children’s horizons.



And you?

Nature Play QLD is seeking local ‘Neighbourhood Play Champions’ for each event location to join our discussion panel. If you have inspired neighbourhood play in your local community, or know someone who has, please contact us at [email protected] to be involved.  We’d love you to share your story and experience.



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