National Quality Framework - 'Bush Kindy'

9 May 2018

The development of a quality educational program for children should include outdoor activities such as exploring natural environments, which are beneficial to children and contribute to improving children’s learning, health and wellbeing. To meet these needs, some education and care services…

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All Abilities Inclusion

28 Nov 2017

1 in 5 Australians is living with a disability. It can be daunting for parents, educators, and activity providers to think about how to engage children with a disability in outdoor play. We recommend you ask questions, because every disability is different and nobody knows what they need better than…

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Impact of the Nature Play Passport Interface 2016 - 2017

15 Nov 2017

This study reports on the continuing impact of the online interface for the Passport to an Amazing Childhood program, examining comments and star ratings made by Queensland children, on individual passport missions.  View Report Here…

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Peter Gray Forum Video link

9 Nov 2017

Peter Gray is an American psychologist and research professor in the Department of Psychology at Boston College. He is most well known for his research concerned with children's natural ways of learning and the role of play in children's development. He is the author of Free to Lea…

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Nature Play and Outdoor Learning Policy

5 Oct 2017

Having a 'Nature Play and Outdoor Learning Policy' for your school or service is a wonderful way to develop and define your ethos, aims and practice. Here at Nature Play QLD we understand how busy all of you wonderful teachers and educators are. For that reason we have provided for you a…

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Letter To Educators

27 Jul 2017

Dear Educators, Welcome to Nature Play QLD and thank you for joining the movement to get children back outdoors. Whether you work in Early Childhood, Primary, FDC or OSHC, as educators, we know outdoor learning, and specifically outdoor learning through play, has positive impacts for children.…

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Nature Play Passports for Educators

17 Jul 2017

“The Passport to an Amazing Childhood” is one of Nature Play QLD’s signature programs that encourages outdoor play, learning, creativity, discovery and exploration.  The Nature Play QLD Passport is a fun way for children to record and participate in Nature Play “Missions…

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Yulunga: Traditional Indigenous Games

18 Apr 2017

Yulunga: Traditional Indigenous Games is a activity resource of over 100 traditional Indigenous games created to provide all Australians with an opportunity to learn about, appreciate and experience aspects of Indigenous culture.  Yulunga: Traditional Indigenous Games presents a selection of ga…

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How to be a Gumnut Baby

27 Sep 2016

Inspired by the stories of the iconic Australian artist and children’s author, May Gibbs, our How to be a Gumnut Baby list celebrates the 100th anniversary of the iconic Gumnut Babies and May Gibbs’ most famous characters, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. The list captures the magic and…

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Using Nature Play Passports to Enhance Learning

27 Jan 2016

Every curriculum subject can be enhanced and more be accessible to children where outdoor nature play provision is used effectively, promoting active involvement (Edgington, 2002).    Why take our children outside of the classroom? Using your outdoor environment in your school or…

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