49 things to do before you're 5

There are some things that every kid should get to experience. How many of our 49 things have you done?

Why not print off the list, stick it on your fridge or bedroom door and go outside!

Download a printable list of 49 things to do before you're 5.

  1. Run around in the rain
  2. Play hide-and-seek in a garden
  3. Lie on your back and watch the clouds
  4. Pick fruit from a tree and eat it
  5. Go for a hike in the bush or a local reserve
  6. Jump in a pile of leaves
  7. Build a sandcastle with a moat
  8. Hang from a low branch, then drop
  9. Make a collection of leaves and feathers
  10. Climb a steep slope on your hands and knees
  11. Watch a sunrise or sunset
  12. Play with mud
  13. Explore your garden with a magnifying glass
  14. Float a leaf in a pond or stream
  15. Listen to a storm and watch for lightning
  16. Chase your shadow
  17. Search for tadpoles in a creek
  18. Make a cubby under a tree or in some bushes
  19. Draw with a stick in the dirt
  20. Grow some herbs and veggies in a patch or pot
  21. Visit a farm, or a petting zoo
  22. Sit around a campfire and toast marshmallows
  23. Dig holes and trenches in your yard
  24. Listen to the birds and imitate their song
  25. Catch some bugs and then release them
  26. Search for shells at the beach
  27. Invent your own obstacle course using rocks and sticks
  28. Blow on a dandelion flower and make a wish
  29. Sit quietly and watch ants, snails or birds
  30. Water some plants with a watering can
  31. Have a picnic under a big shady tree
  32. Jump in a puddle
  33. Chase butterflies around the garden
  34. Play with a ball at an oval or on the beach
  35. Paddle at the beach or a backyard wading pool
  36. Play shops under a tree with seed pods and leaves
  37. Visit a botanical garden
  38. Balance along a log or some stepping stones
  39. Go for a night walk with a torch in the garden
  40. Climb a big hill and look at the view
  41. Explore a rock pool or create your own
  42. Have story time outside on a rug
  43. Catch rain on your tongue
  44. Sprout some fast-growing seeds
  45. Play ‘peek-a-boo’ from behind a tree
  46. Ride a trike or scooter to the park
  47. Roll down a grassy hill
  48. Pick a posy of flowers for someone you love
  49. Count the stars at dusk


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