Less-Structured Time in Children's Daily Lives Predicts Self-Directed Executive Functioning

16 Jun 2017

"Why do young children often forget (or outright refuse) to put on a coat before leaving the house on a snowy day? The choice to put on a jacket may seem frustratingly obvious to parents and older siblings, but this simple decision arises from a surprisingly complex interplay of behaviors...To…

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Learning in the Natural Environment: Review of social and economic benefits and barriers

12 Jun 2017

Natural England commission a range of reports from external contractors to provide evidence and advice to assist them in delivering their duties, and to identify and develop solutions most likely to be effective in increasing supply and demand for learning in natural environments.   In su…

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Natural Connections Demonstration Project, 2012- 2016

26 May 2017

This Natural Connections Demonstration Project (2012-2016) commissioned by Natural England UK has proven just how valuable learning outdoors in nature is.  For example, it's rewarding and enjoyable for teachers, offering new avenues for learning and unlocking creativity.  Some of th…

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Risk and Challenge in School Play

8 May 2017

This research paper was published in the Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning, and is titled: What did schools experience from participating in a randomised controlled study (PLAY) that prioritised risk and challenge in active play for children while at school?  Undertake…

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2016 AHKA Report Card on Physical Activity of Children and Young People

22 Nov 2016

This year marks the release of the second Full AHKA Report Card on Physical Activity of Children and Young People, which assesses 12 physical activity indicators (physical activity behaviours, traits, and the settings and sources of influence, and strategies and investments, which have the potential…

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Student Outcomes And Natural Schooling

22 Nov 2016

Pathways From Evidence to Impact Report 2016: Over the past ten years there have been signicant reviews conducted around the focus of children learning in natural environments in the UK and further abroad. All these reviews identifed signicant evidence that outdoor learning can,…

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From forest preschool to Bush Kinder: An inspirational approach to preschool provision in Australia

19 Oct 2016

Sue Elliott, University of New England Barbara Chancellor, RMIT University This report provides inspiring current Australian research into the positive impact of a forest school/ bush kinder program for children, colleagues, parents and the wider community of Westgarth Kindergarten in Mel…

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Masters Study Extract: Why Should We Place Emphasis On Outdoor ‘Forest’ Learning?

25 Jul 2016

Would you like to find out more about the recorded impact of forest schools and the importance of regular outdoor learning for our children? Anya Perkins, our Nature Play QLD's Education Coordinator and the developer and trainer of our ‘Introduction to Forest Learning Workshop’, w…

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Natural Childhood Report - National Trust (UK)

3 Mar 2016

This is a must read for passionate Nature Play adults!   Life-long Naturalist and Producer of the BBC series Springwatch, Stephen Moss from the United Kingdom has written the follow report into Nature Deficit Disorder, the benefits of a natural childhood, the barriers impacting on natur…

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What Do Queensland Kids Think About The Nature Play QLD Online Passport Missions

4 Aug 2015

Nature Play QLD is Preparing Queensland Children for Life 'That’s Astronomical' Passport Mission Comment: “The stars were sparkling in the sky it was the most lovely time of my life but we did not find the Southern Cross”. Queensland children are outdo…

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