Past Bus Tours

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The Gold Coast & North NSW Bus Tour

We visited:

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What attendees gained:

  • Visited a wide range of in service nature play areas and Bush Kindy sites in the community. 
  • Open and honest Q&A sessions with service directors and leader educators about their journeys, including tips for overcoming barriers.
  • Specialised workshops focusing on learning, development and schematic outdoor play, behaviour and risk management by Sandi Phoenix, Director of Phoenix Support and Anya Imhoff, Education Coordinator and Forest School Leader, Nature Play QLD.
  • Networking with like-minded educators and development of personalised action plans each attendee's service. 
  • Received a Nature Play Handbook and links to digital resources to support implementation at each attendee's service.


A Little More On Each Centre:

Nature Explorers

Nature Explorers is a nature based sustainability educational program that operates under Pottsville Community Preschool. Our educational programs aim to reconnect children with their local environment, supporting the development of knowledge and skills surrounding the importance of community and sustainability. Children build their knowledge and participate in practical hands on experiences through participation at a range of local sites, including dune areas, bushland and the Environmental Park. We aim to foster Environmental stewards within the children, developing a sense of passion to take care of our unique beautiful community and all that lives there.



Clearview Early Learning and Kindergarten

We are extremely excited to announce that as part of this GC & Nth NSW Bus Tour, we will be visiting the ever inspiring Clearview Early Learning and Kindergarten. Here we will be meeting their wonderful Outdoor Educator and Forest School Leader, Debbie Prist, and discovering the Clearview Bush Kindy Program, both onsite and offsite, which gives children the opportunity to create with, explore and care for their natural environment.




Twin Towns Community Kindergarten

As part of this upcoming GC & Nth NSW Bus Tour, we are very proud to be visiting Twin Towns Community Kindergarten, where experienced educators Toni Kirby & Elaine Clinnick offer children opportunities to achieve, develop confidence and self-esteem, through a hands-on learning experience in a local environment.  




Kingscliff Mini School

As part of our upcoming GC & Nth NSW Bus Tour, we are thrilled to be offering you the opportunity to visit Kingscliff Mini School, whose Coastal Program provides a child led, highly enriched, sensory and outdoor play environment for children and families. A gentle rhythm weaves through each session including: free play, nature walks, campfire, bush cooking, music making, story time, nature connection games, nature art/craft.



Potsville Community Preschool 

As part of this upcoming GC & Nth NSW Bus Tour, we are very proud to be visiting Pottsville Community Preschool and Nature Explorers.

On this tour we will discover how the team of inspirational educators have created an engaging and challenging on site nature play space, and willl explore the preschool's philosophy that the most effective vehicle for children's learning is play. Addressed at Pottsville with a play-based program with a strong focus on building competent, capable children who have a well developed sense of agency.


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