Summer 2 Remember- The 30 Day Nature Play Challenge

Children inspiring others to come outside to play.

30 day challenges are hugely popular because they are a great way to change unhealthy habits. 

Many experts believe that it takes just 21 days to replace unhealthy behaviours and habits with new ones, which is why we encourage your family to join our inaugural 30 Day Nature Play Challenge to give you and your kids a #Summer2Remember.

The #Summer2Remember, 30 Day Nature Play Challenge is not easy – but it’s a huge step in the right direction in changing our children’s everyday play choices.

Your pledge is take your children outside for 30 days straight for a minimum of 2 hours a day and watch their behaviour change.

Australia is in a grip of a physical inactivity pandemic - which is a fancy term for “our kids don’t play outside enough”, which is why we have to work together to reverse these play trends which are causing our children physical and psychological harm.

We need to find ways to change our children’s sedentary / indoor / screen-based / virtual play into healthy / outdoor / active / reality-based play that delivers so many rich benefits for our kids. 


The #Summer2Remember, 30 Day Nature Play Challenge challenges kids to get off screens and go outside for 30 days. 

By participating in the challenge, your child will have a #Summer2Remember as this type of play – unstructured play outdoors which we call “nature play”; is powerful in developing a rich set of skills that will set your child up for life.

Kids off screens will be forced to entertain themselves, they will teach themselves how to have fun outdoors, they will develop their creativity and learn risk management when they invent and play games, develop confidence and self-esteem when they conquer those games, and develop powerful negotiation skills when they play their game with others.

When kids learn how to entertain themselves outside while having FUN, they are creating incredibly positive, lifelong memories. Chances are your favourite childhood memories are all about outside play experiences too, which is why this challenge is so important for children raised in the digital age. 

To take your family on this adventure and accept the #Summer2Remember, 30 Day Nature Play Challenge, please click here to pledge.

I have a feeling that some children may jump at the chance to conquer this challenge.

I believe children are getting bored with being on screens and being indoors. 

I believe they are looking for more active ways to play and how to connect (in reality) with their friends. 

My hope is that these kids - the ‘Nature Play Champions’, will document their #Summer2Remember, 30 Day Nature Play Challenges, via blogs, photos and videos and use social media to inspire other children to ‘come out to play’. 

My hope is your child accepts the challenge and inspires their friends to join them to have a #Summer2Remember.

Children are amazing at creating communities.  We’ve all seen our kids make fierce friendships instantly.  

If kids see a community playing outdoors - having fun, doing inspiring and creative things outdoors; they may feel inspired and motivated to join them. 

This change in play behaviour will make a huge difference not just to your holidays and the holidays of the children involved, but the entire community as we work together to reverse these sedentary childhood play trends.

Going outdoors to play, for a minimum of 2 hours every day, for 30 days straight, may or may not be a challenge for some kids, but it will guarantee everyone involved a healthier, happier, summer holiday, delivering significant benefits to your child’s health, cognitive, social and emotional development.

Not only that, it is likely to create the sort of memories that will stay with your child for the rest of their lives. 

Just like the ones our generation took for granted. 



If you are up for a bigger challenge…..don’t just turn off the screens, pack them away and see how long you can last without them!

We call this the “powered-up” version of the 30 Day Nature Play Challenge which sees if you family can go completely screen free.

Depending on how much you use screens, you may notice huge differences in your life.

You may notice a difference in the way you think, how you feel, how well you sleep. You may be more mindful when you eat, you may develop a curiosity to try different things, you may notice changes in the way you connect with friends. You may notice how much more active and creative you are, you may notice a change in your motivation levels, how much stuff you want to do, among other things.

If you think you are up for this challenge, make the pledge now to power-up these school holidays.  

To complete this challenge you will need to: 

  1. Complete the requirements of the regular #Summer2Remember, 30 Day Nature Play Challenge
  2. Turn off all screens and see how long you can last 
  3. Record your challenge experiences, seek a grown-up's permission to post your experiences on social media, tag Nature Play QLD and inspire other children to Power-Up too. 
  4. Remember to use #Summer2Remember and #natureplayqld when posting anything about your 30 Day Challenge and show us how you are creating your #Summer2Remember. 


Good Luck!


Let’s Play!  Check more info on the Summer 2 Remember - 30 Day Nature Play Challenge here


Happy Holidays from

The Nature Play QLD Team

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