Symposium Outcomes

Message to delgates from Hyahno Moser, Nature Play QLD Program Manager.

Dear Delegates,

Thank you all so very much for your energy, interest and passion in reconnecting children to an outdoor childhood. I drew so much inspiration, motivation, insights and ideas from this event.
We are now integrating the glow of success from this inaugural Kids Outdoors 2030 Nature Play Symposium. Our achievements, as a community, are being used as fuel to drive more Nature Play QLD efforts, seek out new innovation, and increase awareness of the journey we are walking together towards change.  This change sees a new version of childhood, parenting, education, policy writing and childhood advocacy that will inevitably end in a healthy balance of outdoor play for children.
Personally, the best outcomes of this event, was witnessing the Nature Play QLD community grow in strength of skills, knowledge, awareness and urgency. The breadth of people in the room, from Queensland and interstate, from frontline educators to government policy makers, was both extremely impressive and encouraging.
Our aim for the day was to inspire action of changes we can undertake to create a healthy and well-balanced outdoor future for our children; it was not to burden folks with issues and barriers. By the conclusion of the day, judging from the energy in the room and from the feedback we have received, I think we definitely achieved our goal.

Some of the general themes that emerged across the day included:

  • Children need regular, daily access to other children, in their neighbourhoods if they are to value outdoor play as meaningful in their lives
  • Challenge and risk are essential to growing healthy children
  • Nature is the ultimate playground and play resource for children
  • We cannot go back to the ‘glory days’ of outdoor play; we must embrace change that is reflective of today
  • Childhood is evolving and will include technology, however a healthy balance needs to be achieved
  • Coincidently, parenthood is also evolving. We will need to address parent time-poorness and over-parenting trends if children are to have access to unstructured outdoor play in their neighbourhoods
  • Unstructured outdoor play is essential for children to develop the necessary intrinsic interest and motivation required for life-long impacts

I am confident that our efforts during the symposium will echo through to the children of 2030.
I look forward to the year 2030.  I hope to be told by children who are immersed in adventure and nature play activities that they can’t tell me what they did today, because it is secret kids business - probably involved doing something risky and they are protecting me from worry. I look forward to seeing cars courteously and carefully make their way through streets of children playing.  I also look forward to the lively and interactive communities these children will help create, where they can foster a sense of identity amongst their neighbours and ownership over their neighbourhood.
Of course none of the Kids Outdoors 2030 Nature Play Symposium success would have been possible without the amazing support from our Symposium Partner C&K and Workshop Sponsors Playgroup QLD and ESKAY Kids.  As well as the overall support from the Queensland Government, Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation and Australian Camping Association. Thank you for your leadership in connecting children with outdoor play as well as your support during this event.
Once again, thank you for your time, effort, energy, passion and willingness to make a difference.
Let’s keep the momentum building.
Hyahno Moser
Program Manager
Nature Play QLD



The Australian, 25 June 2015.  Uncage your kids and let them discover the world


ABC 612, 25 June 2015.  Mike Lanza wants to give neighbourhoods back to children.  Conversations with Richard Fidler


ABC 612, 25 June 2015.  Risky business of Outdoor Play.  Afternoons with Kelly Higgins-Devine  


The Sunday Mail, 14 June 2015.  Opinion: Many neighbourhood streets are devoid of children as protective parents cocoon them inside



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Photos from the Nature Play Symposium, as part of the Kids Outdoors 2030 Conference on the Gold Coast 26-06-2015.

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Speaker Notes



Video footage 

Nature Play QLD Symposium Highlights (5:45 mins)



Mike Lanza, keynote speaker at Nature Play QLD Symposium (56 mins)

Nature Play QLD Symposium Panel Highlights (26:48 mins)


  • Niki Buchan, Inspired EC Pty Ltd  
  • Dr Rachael Sharman, University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Jane Hanckel, Spirit of Childhood Foundation
  • Lauren Weston, Silkwood School
  • Norm Hunter, Thinkit Through
  • MC: Katheen Noonan, The Courier Mail

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